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I will miss you my 'sometimes little boy'

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  • I will miss you my 'sometimes little boy'

    May 18, 2006
    In Loving Memory of my "sometimes little boy".

    It is indeed with a grievious heart that I write this. It is however something to be shared.

    Hatak came into my life at 5. The first time we saw him he was dancing. It was obvious that even at that age he knew what 'honor' and 'sacred ' meant. He had been taught well.
    At the age of 8 he had asked me if I had ever had a little boy and oddly it was to the day I did indeed lose a boy. The first day of spring. At that moment his eyes filled with tears and he said that when he came to spend the nite or even came to visit , he would be my 'sometimes little boy'. My heart changed forever.
    As my family watched this young man grow we were honored to have him in our lives. He taught us much.
    Hatak was a beautiful dancer but more than that he became the dance, encompassing all that went before him and those present and others to come later. It was his beauty as a person that caused so many to love him.
    He and his family and my family lived together, laughed and cried together, broke bread together and literally weathered storms together.
    Not once did he or any other member of his family lose hope.
    When an tornado hit his home it was tragic at the time , but we could begin to pick up the pieces, tangible pieces and salvage many important things.
    This time we cannot pick up the pieces except to extend our love, our appreciation to a family who enriched out lives.
    Hatak will dance for ever as an Eagle. Those closest him know this statement.
    Dance my 'sometimes little boy' and bring the joys of that which we cannot see into our hearts.
    To his parents , Justin and Mary , his sisters Samarrah and Shema, my family sends our hearts and love to you, now and for all times.
    In closing , and his family will understand this..........Hatak was a true warrior. He did not hate his enemies, it was not his way or the way he was taught. He is the epitome of the ideal warrior. A great heart, courage and compassion.
    To his new bride,Lindsey, I offer friendship and pray for you. We bid you peace and know that you have a family who will extend Hatak's legacy.
    When Hatak comes home , he will be laid to rest by the oak tree that he played under as a child with his cousins and my kids and his friends. This tree has bore witness to much of this family's history.
    It is fitting that he be there to watch over his niece and nephew and others to come.
    The world has few people such as this young man. We have lost much.
    Peace to you Sonny.
    Steve and Evie Hadlock
    Evie Hadlock (Ardmore, OK )
    [email protected]
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    tears ran silently down my cheeks as i read this tribute to what sounds like the true definition of an Indian Man. Thank you for sharing.


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      I as well thank-you for shareing
      I got a fevah! And the only cure is more cowbell!!!


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