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Protestors to be at funeral of Hatak Yearby

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    The funeral home to us an alternate route so that none of the family, and friends would have to see the protesters. I am so thankful of that, because I might have had to hurt someone for doing this on the day we lay my little bro to rest. Mary specifically said she wanted no one to respond to these people because it would lower us to their level. The Patriot Riders were there, and their show of support and respect made the protesters seem non existant. However, there were two that made it in to the wake, they didn't cause any trouble. They were sent as spies to see how we would all be reacting. They apparently don't know how ndn's react to stupid white people when mourning. Anywho, another couple made it into the auditorium before the family arrived and was shouting insulting remarks but were taken away by the police. The whole town of Marietta turned out and lined the town streets for his send off when we took him for burial. Some were saluting, some had their hands over their hearts, but all mourned with us the death of this beautiful spirit.


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      I'd still find out where this Phelps lives, and have a nice warm reception for him and his family.

      Preferrably in the fireplace....on the walls, on the ceiling, in their beds...
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