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Protestors to be at funeral of Hatak Yearby

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  • ajibik
    I'd still find out where this Phelps lives, and have a nice warm reception for him and his family.

    Preferrably in the fireplace....on the walls, on the ceiling, in their beds...

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  • windywoman

    The funeral home to us an alternate route so that none of the family, and friends would have to see the protesters. I am so thankful of that, because I might have had to hurt someone for doing this on the day we lay my little bro to rest. Mary specifically said she wanted no one to respond to these people because it would lower us to their level. The Patriot Riders were there, and their show of support and respect made the protesters seem non existant. However, there were two that made it in to the wake, they didn't cause any trouble. They were sent as spies to see how we would all be reacting. They apparently don't know how ndn's react to stupid white people when mourning. Anywho, another couple made it into the auditorium before the family arrived and was shouting insulting remarks but were taken away by the police. The whole town of Marietta turned out and lined the town streets for his send off when we took him for burial. Some were saluting, some had their hands over their hearts, but all mourned with us the death of this beautiful spirit.

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  • RedShield
    [QUOTE=Nezbah]I am just glad it wasn't some native activist group. :D. QUOTE]

    No native group would ever pull something like this... we have too much respect for our warriors that have served... whether we agree with the political idiolgy that sent them there or not, we respect them for doing their job and defending our freedom.

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  • Nezbah
    OH good I am glad they were asked to leave. That is a good thing to hear. May he rest in peace now and not have to 'fight' any more wars up there. I agreed with all that who posted on here. Things like that are too sacred to deal with intruders like that. Some people have no respect. Its just sad to know that people have to use things like that to just be 'noticed'. I am just glad it wasn't some native activist group. :D. Well our prayers and thoughts to the family. May all our fallen native soldiers rest in peace, especially this memorial day. Including all our warriors who fought so hard for our rights, lands, and keeping our family/traditions alive this long. You will not be forgotten..............

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  • WhoMe
    Originally posted by WhoMe
    Let them protest in jail!!

    So, I take it that the protesters' didn't get to meet "Big Bubba" afterall?

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  • ndnMSW
    My daughter called right after the funeral and said that the police made the protesters leave. I didn't know that OK signed that law into effect. We were relieved to hear that the family didn't have to deal with that. If it was Fred Phelps group, he has a bunch of daughters and they are all lawyers, so they usually know what they can get away with and what they can't. I'm glad OK has that law.

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  • Wakopataki
    Has anyone heard how things went today? I have been concerned for the family and pray that it went well. These are dispicable people that could do such things to a grieving family! I hope that the law was enforced and the Patriot Guard was helpful.

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  • Dweick
    its just nuts that people would use somone elses moment of grief as a platform for whatever cause they are against.

    if they would just take the time to think before they acted, or put themselves in the grieving families shoes, they might see how wrong it is protesting a funeral.

    no matter what or who it is that has passed.

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  • WhoMe
    In the fall of 2005, legislators in Oklahoma introduced the Oklahoma Funeral Picketing Act, which prohibits such protests within one hour prior to and two hours after funerals. Gov. Brad Henry signed the measure into law on March 6, 2006.

    Let them protest in jail!!

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  • ndnMSW
    I live in Lawrence, KS, and the group protesting soldier's funerals is from Topeka, KS, about 20 minutes from here. The group is a religious group led by Fred Phelps who is the biggest homophobe in the world. He is traveling around with his family and group protesting the funerals of soldiers killed in Irag, saying that they died as a punishment from God for serving in a military that accepts gay people. His big slogan is "God hates fags." So his protests have nothing to do with the policies of this war, whether he believes in the cause or not, his only agenda is to spread his hate as far as possible.

    He is truly a sick man. He is using the grief of families as a means to demonstrate the hate in his heart. I hope that the Patriot Guard is able to do their job and keep him away from the Yearby family. They are the nicest family and they are in our prayers everyday.

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  • rachelg196
    Originally posted by billyjoejimbob
    Thats just messed up.

    Let that happen near me, Ill follow the MFs home. No room for protestors at ANYfuneral for ANY person no matter who they are or what they did, good or bad, right or wrong, in their eyes or your eyes.


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  • Blackbear
    They are'nt trying to insult the families I'm pretty sure.. but use his death as another point in their cause... but it's disrespectul if the family does'nt ask them to be involved.

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  • RedShield
    What would motivate these people to pull this crap?

    I am not a fan of the war in Iraq, I don't support it or the adminstration that caused it... but... it isn't these men and women that are there's fault. They are doing the job they signed up for, they have my support, they do what is asked of them in the name of freedom and the job... they didn't deploy themselves there... they didn't say hey, lets send ourselves to be the victims of roadside car bombings, kidnappings, ambushes, etc. They are doing a job, I support them... always... irregardless of whether I support the policy that put them there in the first place.

    If you have a problem with the policy... picket the policy makers, protest to your hearts content... but to protest a soldier killed in the line of duty for doing their job... just plain sick... May creator have pity on them when they reach the next world... because I won't! To interupt that funeral rite is something I would never play with in a millon years, and they are dang lucky that any of them aren't added to the burial list.


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  • Blackbear
    You know... people need to write editorials to the papers about how they feel about protestors at a funeral when they are not asked to be there.. especially those close to this man. This is in very poor taste and disrespectful to the family.

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  • Dweick
    It is sad that others cannot let somone pass in peace.

    thoughts of strength go to you as you try to gather support for this family.
    I will not be there in person but my mind and heart is with you.

    Here are the words to a song for now it is all I can offer

    it seems to fit the situation you are going through with these protesting people.
    they really don't seem to have any compassion for anyone else but thier own needs

    Composer: Todd Rundgren
    Duration: 4:48

    You want more, and still more,
    Until you get more than you ever bargained for.
    Now its plain, clear as rain,
    I've seen your symptoms many times before.

    Lying on your bed of pain
    What will you have now?

    What are riches untold in a life without compassion?
    For there's no winter as cold
    as a life without compassion.
    There's no prescription that's sold
    that can heal you like compassion.

    Well you tried and you cried,
    And let your disappointment make you hard inside.
    You have doubt, you reach out,
    Still you're the only one you care about.

    Hiding in your sack of woe
    What do you need now?

    For there is nothing so sad
    as a life without compassion.
    And even love has turned bad,
    it was love without compassion.
    And you don't need what you had
    'Cause you did not have compassion.

    Dying on your bed of pain
    What will you have now?

    You'll get no judgment from me,
    I can only feel compassion.
    And if that's what you need,
    I will give you my compassion.
    Just don't forget about me
    'Cause we all need some compassion.

    Open up your heart
    so you can start to feel compassion.
    Get down on your knees,
    pray to heaven for compassion.
    Everybody needs compassion.
    If you want to be healed
    then you know you got to feel compassion.

    If you want to hear a snipet you can here it on all

    Here in Michigan I know that they were working on a bill for this thing but it only keeps the idiots 500 feet from the funeral
    its just not enough

    Last edited by Dweick; 05-21-2006, 03:33 AM.

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