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  • Cameron Johnston

    Cameron Johnston, 20 years old, one of the best dancers from the area,
    passed away at Alki Sunday morning. Rest in Peace Cameron, you will be missed!!!

    September 24, 2006

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    Someoone posted at that both teens were grassdancers. When the time is appropriate, I'm sure many of us would like to know who the other was. According to another news article, the ages of all six young men ranged from 17 to early 20's.
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      The other teenager was 17 year old Roy Espiritu, and I believe the other grassdancer they were talking about was someone else.

      Cameron was a really great dancer... he was a real nice kid. There was this time at Muckleshoot when we were talking to him.. and he COULD NOT stop dancing!!! It's still hard to believe... prayers for both families!!!


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        Yup, Definately send my prayers and condolences to the fam...He'll for sure be missed. I've known that crazy guy for a long LONG time seems like. R.I.P Cameron...
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          I'm so heart broken *tears*


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            i miss cameron... a lot... =(


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              Word I heard there is going to be a grass dance special at the Muckleshoot Veterans Association Powwow, Muckleshoot, WA, June 22-24, 2007 for Cameron.

              ...that's so, so true...


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                Cameron stayed with my son and I last GON he had taken the bus just to be there. He stayed and worked to get enough money to get home. We will cherish our memories.We heard the same about the special at Muckelshoot pow-wow. He will be missed. RIP


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                  Wow, how tragic....

                  It's hard to lose a dancer like that, but especially one so young. Makes you stop and think about all the people you know out there....makes me think of some of the people I haven't seen in awhile. Prayers to the family and friends, especially the survivors of the accident, of both victims.....
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                    Cameron Hawley-Johnston grass dance memorial

                    Thanks to everyone for their kind words about my son, Cameron. Thanks to all who looked after him in all his travels. There is a very beautiful gallery of photos of him at [email protected]. It is on the front page of Rob's site. There are pictures of him throughout his life. He was my beautiful baby boy and he is really missed. We are having his grass dance special at the Muckleshoot Veterens Powwow on June 23rd. The powwow is June 22,23 and 24. It will be at the new powwow grounds at the Muckleshoot Reservation in Auburn, WA. There are 2 specials. One is for 18 and older grass dance. 1st place is $2000 sponsored by the Veterens Committee and mom. 2nd place is $1500, sponsored by cousin Mario Hawley. 3rd place is $1000. There will also be awards for places 4-7. There will be trophies and jackets. Also, Jon Olney is donating a new grass dance outfit for the 1st place winner. There will also be a 10 years and younger grass dance special with 3 places. There will be trophies along with the money award for that. If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected]. if you have any general powwow questions you may contact Kelvin Frank at the Muckleshoot Tribe at 253-9393311.


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