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  • 9-11-2001

    A moment of silence for all those that lost there lives and all those that there lives were changed forever.

    Where were you on that day?

    I was in Everett Wa headed to work

    Lest we forget....
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    I was just about to go to pick my Children up from school,when i got a phone call from my Dad telling me to put Sky News on....
    All those inocent people who lost their lives and the people there whose lives will be changed forever will never be forgotten..XX
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      <a href="" title="Myspace Comments - Sept 11, 2001 - We Will Never Forget" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Myspace Comments - Sept 11, 2001 - We Will Never Forget" border="0" /></a><img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="*xJmx*PTEyMjExMzA3MjU*MzgmcHQ9MTIyMTEzMDc1ODQwNy ZwPTI4MTk4MSZkPSZuPSZnPTEmdD*mbz1jOTE4NWZmZDBkODg* Nzk3ODllZDJjZmFmNzBkNmMzOA==.gif" />

      I was prepareing for the birth of our third child, and sitting there sobbing as im thinking of all the men,woman and chilren who lost their lives that day, and thinking of all the Heros. I Also wondered if my hubby would be sent over seas. That day is also my Husbands Birthday. They had to keep all the tvs off in the birthinig rooms, the moms were not doing well, many were affected by what happoned one way or the other. We will never forget!!!
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        Oh, Plumes!! That's so sad!!

        I was out for my morning walk..........when I walked in the door my Dad was on the phone telling me a plane had crashed into one of the Trade Towers. I turned on the TV just as the second plane hit the other tower. I just sank down in my chair and couldn't take my eyes off the TV. Later as more news came in I got afraid.......and thought maybe I should go get my son out of school.....I wondered if my husband should come home from work. My brother was supposed to be on his way home on a flight from Northern California........we worried until later in the day he called and said he'd taken a flight in the night before.
        It was a frightening day. I just wanted my family home and close by........still do!


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          I was at school with my two eldest sons when they hit the twin towers... they had it on the tv monitors in the classrooms for the kids to see, my eldest was in 4th grade at the time, the other in headstart. The kids at first thought it was cool, they thought it was a movie or something. It wasn't until the teacher announced it was in fact real, that the kids became very quiet in the classroom.
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            it is un forgitable to me too,wow plumes thats tuff but so strong,

            i was at home and fixing to go to work in the cab ,the news was on...i stayed home that day even knowing there was a lot of money to be made from the airports closing down, but i refused to go to work to make money off of the pain and tradegy......but the next day i was sitting down town and the other cabbies said i was somthing else sitting at the One American Center, becouse thay felt it was a likely target too.So i was one of the few cabs down town the next day.Austin is the capital of Texas and Georg Bush live in the gov house[at one time] right down town across from the capital down the street from the the One American Center.
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              I was in high school...gosh it seems so long ago but still it seems like yesterday. We had an assembly that morning so none of us were in the rooms when the first plane hit. As soon as we got back and the teachers were told to turn on the tv's we started realizing what was happening. We were kept in school but a few kids parent's picked them up. It was a mess and I was terrified. Now, it actually scares me MORE than it did the day it happened because my husband is an EMT and is trying to get on a fire department so I know the facts about what happened that day and how many EMT's and firefighters truly lost their lives. It still affects my husband because he was on a fire department at the time. It hit very close to home on a couple of people that we knew that were supposed to be in the WTC but just happened to be somewhere else that day.


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                I was on a plane with my barely 5 month old firstborn, going to England to see her Grandparents (her father's side) for the first time. We saw the news in Little Rock first, by the time we got to Atlanta, the airports were eerily quiet. We were boarding our plane to England when the SWAT team arrived. They boarded our plane and took an Arabic man off. After they searched out plane, they let us board.
                When we got to England (without luggage) they shut the airways down, on the way home, something happened on board and we had to make an emergency landing at an airforce base somewhere (maybe Canada).
                The positive part was that in the little pre-WWII coal mining village we were in, the fire department there was "passing the boot" to collect for the folks in New York. I bawled like a big ol baby and hugged and thanked them all. The terrorists did not win, cause the world became a little smaller and folks really were there for each other!
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                  I will never forget that day for sure!!!

                  I was running really late to work that morning. I was getting dressed and heard what i thought was thunder (curtains were closed so i didn't see the weather). i rushed out of the house and didn't think twice about how it was all bright and sunny that day. I never thought to myself about how i thought i heard thunder a few minutes ago. My mind was "just get to work, just get to work". So I got in the train and half way to work the conductor announces that the trains were no longer running and everyone had to get out. As everyone got out of the subway, I kept hearing ppl talking on their cell phones..."A plane crashed into the Trade Center". I'm thinking "yeah ok whatever"...just rumors. I called Yahsti and told him to turn on the tv to tell me what the heck was happening. A couple minutes later I see ash floating across the water and into Brooklyn. My train happen to stop a few stops before the Trade Centers (the train I take goes right under the Center). I'm glad it stopped when and where it did cause I had to walk home. Thinking back about what I thought was thunder was actually the plane 'crashing'. I just can't imagine if I was on time that day....wonder if I'd still be here.

                  That day just made me realize a lot of things. Don't take things/ppl for granted. No point in 'beating around the bush" when talking to ppl (there's no time for that), just be blunt and truthful. Care a little bit more with the ppl you love and care about.

                  It's amazing to imagine to be part of 2 history making events within my lifetime so far. 9/11 and the Northeast Blackout on Aug 14 03.


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                    OMG!! today is 09/ prayers go out to all da families who lost there loved ones on this sad day.......


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                      I was getting close to delivering my 3rd daughter. My folks had taken a red-eye flight from Phoenix that morning. When we went into the terminal at the airport we saw a big crowd around the TV. My dad said a plane flew into the World Trade Center. As we watched, we saw the 2nd plane crash. We got their luggage and as we drove out of the parking lot we saw the Sheriff's cars and police coming to evacuate the terminals and close everything off.

                      We headed to a nearby restaurant for breakfast and as we listened to the radio we heard about the Pentagon. It was a scary day. I remember hearing all kinds of reports about other planes headed to other places, but in the end there was 1 more - the one that crashed in Pennsylvania. I still find myself wishing they had been able to successfully land that plane. I saw that movie, Flight 93, a few months back and still found myself hoping for a happier ending.

                      I remember there not being planes in the sky for like a week after that. In fact, my dad was only scheduled for a week's visit, and we weren't sure he'd be able to fly out as scheduled (although he finally did). We sat and watched the coverage that night, and I remember just being very scared. My baby was born 5 days later.

                      I know a lot of folks are negative on President Bush these days, and he hasn't done everything just right. But we have to give credit to the fact that there have been no further such terrorist attacks on our soil since then. That's something to be thankful for!
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                        I remember getting my daughter off to kindergaten. I remember watching her getting on the bus and I just sat down to watch the news. When they started talking about the first one getting hit. I was sitting watching and I could see the second plane coming into the picture and seeing the plane hit...I will never forget that day or seeing that image...I still pray for those families and loved ones that were lost.

                        To All the Brave Men and Women that were there and lost their lives. They will forever be heros in my heart.


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                          I was in Lower Manhattan when it happened, I was in the Fifth Grade, I was there just to visit some of my uncles. It was a nice morning and then it happened. those were some of the loudest noises I have ever heard. and Its something I have nightmares to this day about, I saw people jump out of the windows, I saw it fall, I saw explosions, It was all to quick and to much for me to handle, I pray for those who were affected by it and hope that my family and friends will never have to witness wat i witnessed. God Bless all of you.


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                            wow. i cant belive it has been this long since this happened. seems like only a couple years ago...
                            i was in 7th grade when it happened...

                            i was at my moms, jus waking up and thinking it was my friends brithday and we had a big volleyball game and than i looked at the tv. i thought she was watching some sort of movie? and than i heard the news people and asked if it was real... she told me yea...

                            after watching for a while my little sister woke up, dont think she wanted her to see because she told us to get ready...

                            than she drove us up to our grandmas (where we lived) and i waited for my grandpa to be bring me to school. when i got there i asked all my friends if they say and they said yes... we didnt quite understand it i guess cuz we were kinda upset when they said our volleyball game was cancelled due to it than were a bit happy when they said we could go home... but our teacher explained it to us and thats when it all changed for us...

                            you kno you think of tha past when your a kid and see the wars and hurt everyone went thru and think that you might not have to go thru that... or your children to come... well truth is... you should plan for that and be ready for anything...
                            the people who did this thought this would break us... but they were wrong. it jus made us stronger and brought everyone closer...

                            my prayers and thoughts go out to the families who lost their loved ones on this horible day 7 yrs ago...

                            everyone take care and god bless..
                            +~+ IUKES +~+

                            always remember.... Everything happens for a reason...


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                              hey everyone and oh yeah I was in 10th grade when that happened hey colvillenative noticed you were from Nespelem too good to see someone from my tribe
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