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    I remember the day too. It was unforgettable and unthinkable to look at. You couldn't believe the devastation and destruction that happened. My brother Craig worked in the Pentagon. He was in the Air Force, and that's where he worked everyday. It had a plane that landed ride into the side of the building. I tried to reach him on the phone. But I never got through. He was all right - he didn't die from this attack. For that I am forever grateful. My heart goes out to those who paid with the price of their life. We were forever changed as a country. Stunned, shocked, but grew stronger in the end.

    Here is a picture:

    Terrorism and Crime Studies (Federal Research Division: Customized Research and Analytical Services, Library of Congress)
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      I was a freshman in college that mom was home when i got up that morning and she was watching it on the news...i was just sitting down when i saw the 2nd plane hit...we both looked at eachother and had to ask if that just happend...i just went to the Round Up grounds and hung with my family...we're already a close family, but that event made us even closer.
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        I had been up all night working on some projects, just got back from taking my son to school and was laying on the sofa bed with the TV on when the news came on. One of my sons Uncles lives a few blocks away from where it happened and his grandparents lived in NJ. I couldn't reach any of them that day.


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          I was at home recovering from a car accident. I was on 1 week bed rest and doing nothing but watching t.v. when it all came on. it was truly an amazing day that something like that happened. I was on the phone with my mom who was at work, (we live in cali-no one gets a holiday here) and then the gov allowed all the state workers to go home. When we went to pick up my medication the next day it was so strange, cause we drove past the airport and there were no planes in the air, taking off, or landing. We went to a pw that same weekend and at they had mad rememberances there, and then we went to sing kareoke(sp) that night and the mc lady had all everyone sing their national anthems in honor of all those. We heard the austrailian, english, america, nat. anthem. My uncle got up there and sang a flag song. It was a day/week that I will probably never forget.
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            I was in my hometown, downtown going to pay some bills. I walked into a certain store, they said they where evacuating the whole downtown, because they thought some Korean Air jets where hijacked, and it later turned out to be a low fuel beacon.

            I was watching the am news on Global BC and I thought it was a movie, then thought OMG this really IS real...

            We had more then a few jets diverted to our airport because airspace had been closed down. I was in panic mode heading up to my dads place, "yelling dad, dadddddddddd" and he's like what?

            I am like did you see the stuff just go down? There where many fighter jets circling our city for quite some time. They followed the planes into the airport. It was really freaky!

            I never will forget that day, I was scared to go home and be on my own. Wanted to stay at my dads place I freaked out also because my brother wasn't home, he was in school at the time.

            My mom was also told be on standby at the Hospital as she worked on Emergeny and they did not know what was going to happen either.

            I don't know how anyone made it through that day. Especially the families that lost their brother sister etc. I still think about that, have them in my prayers especially today
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              i was asleep i had gotten home from work at 5 am or so got my older girls off the school and finally went to sleep at like 8 am ... and was awoken by a text from my older sister. all it said was "turn on your TV..your man's country under attack..they going to war"

              so i turned on the TV .... i remember thinking .... all those ppl lost. i remember them cutting to live feed of ppl jumping from the windows ... then i thought how horrible was it up there that jumpin to your death was "better"? i stayed up all day watching TV it was so unbelievable and surreal at the time ...
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                Think I had just got up and put on the coffee. Don't know why, but just happened to turn on tv. Stayed in that position for the next week, maybe two. Just could not do much else. Made sure my sis and I had all of each other's phone numbers. Held my sweetie real tight. And back to the tv. Heart goes out to everybody who was there, who lost friends or loved ones, who still feels that pain. Prayers for you.
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                  i happened to be home that morning. brother was working from home and always watches CNN and called us to turn on CNN after the first plane hit.


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                    To all the firefighters who lost their lives on this day. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!
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                      I want to thank everyone for sharing their story, This day has become a very personal day for all of us.
                      We sat around last night talking about this a bit and there was a documentry on History channel about that morning.
                      It has taking me many years to just be able to sit down and watch that footage. I guess what always got my so agitated is watching all those 1st responders doing there job going right to the fire and taking care of the injured without thought of any personal harm. Last night they were showing footage min by min of all the Ladder and Fire companies all over the city coming to that area.

                      Lest we forget, those were the real heroes on 9/11
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                        Thanks Josiah. I also watched the History channel documentary last night. It was almost unbearable to watch. You are correct about the first responders--their heroism is too great to understand.

                        One thing I noticed while watching the documentary: no one saw racial differences that day. People of all colors were helping each other, sharing water, running together. We were all Americans.

                        I am old enough to remember when the local Fire Department was segregated. But on 9/11 those firefighters were all "brothers."

                        May they all rest in peace.
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                          I love your point of view about them being brothers. Brothers exist along all races. You'll do anything for a brother. The unity of that day lasted a while. I wish it would last longer.
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                            was reminded of friends of mine who live outside of Boston and they saw two of the planes. theuy thought it was strange about those two planes.

                            i remember abother thing, a friend of mine who i had not heard from in a long time called me that day. he was a devout Muslem. he called me that evening. he had apologized for what happened. he was living in Turkery at the time. he and his whole family convert to Christianity within months of the attacks.


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