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In Loving Memory of those who passed on......

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  • Ndnsoldierboy
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  • sicanguwiyan
    in loving memory of grandma edna two dogs, who passed away in february 2004. she accepted me from the first moment and took me in with open arms. she taught me
    a lot and i enjoyed it sitting with her and listen to her speaking the old lakota and to her stories.
    i miss her dearly.

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  • eternal49
    I will be Missing you--Kevin Bob

    When my cousin called me at work on April 9, 2007, I did not know how to feel. I guess, I didn't believe it. It really did not hit me until later that night. It hit me bigtime. All I know is, I will miss you Kevin. I think what makes it a lil bit harder is--I was just thinking about you lately. (wondering what u been up to lately, wondering if i would see you pop up at Julyamsch, just wondering how you are) I know you will be laid to rest today, I wished I could have been there. Although, I am not there physically, my heart is. I will always have you in my thoughts. I will always have you in my prayers. And, I will always smile when I think of you & about some of the things you told me. I will truly miss you, and I love you B-Bad!!

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  • RavenBlack
    In loving Memory of Sonnette Klinner

    Sweet Sonnette was born Augest 16, 1999. She was our only child. In 2003 Sonnette was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor and after many surguries, up, and downs she lost her battle June 14, 2006. She is sorely missed by all that had the fortune to meet her. Sonnette was a very kind heart, loving child, and never met a stranger. She had the stregnth and courage like none I have ever seen before. The angles in heaven rejoyced the day she came home to them. She loved going to the local PowWows and loved Fancy Shaw Dancing. She is missed by all terribly.
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  • running waters
    in loving memory of my husband jim who passed on 29th january,2007

    In Loving Memory Of My Husband Jim Who Passed On From Rectum Cancer On The 29th January,2007, And Who Now Walks The Eterinal Path.

    I Miss You Very Much Jim, But I Know Now That You Are Not In Pain But I Wish You Did Not Have To Pass On And That We Had Many More Years To Be With Each Other.

    I Love You Jim

    Walk In Peace

    Running Waters (annette) Your Sweetie

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  • Mato Winyan
    In memory of my newest little angel. My daughter and son in laws unborn babe that could not stay in our lives long enough to be born. Such a tiny little heart that could not make it. Till we meet again baby.

    In memory of my mom and dad. Their birthdays were Feb 18th and Feb 19th. Different years but we had fun with that. I still miss you so daddy. You left me at 13 ...... 40 yrs ago and my heart still aches. I try not to think of you because when I do I'm that lost 13 yr old that misses you so much.

    Mom....... Even though things weren't that great between us when you passed I do miss you sometimes. Sometimes more than others. And yeah..... your right..... I do wish I could ask you something sometime. I have tried to move beyond everything in between us...... tried to understand why you did or said some of the things you did. I know you probably thought those same things many times about me. I don't know if you truly did the best you could have or not..... but I believe you did what you thought to do at the time. I'm choosing to remember some of the good things you said or did and let the other stuff go........ just as I know I want my girls to do. So for giving me life and providing what you did for me.... I thank you. I also am truly sorry for some of the things I said to hurt you. I'm sorry for not having compassion or understanding on what your life was like growing up. I do love you mom and hope you can now rest in peace.

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  • Lakota Wiyan
    In Loving Memory of my Gramma Madge Stabber Weston, my Gramma Hazel Dupree Eagle, my Grampa Rev. Harry Weston and my Grampa Kenneth Eagle Sr.

    Collen, BJ, Uncle Moon, Uncle Fred, Uncle Monty, who I never got to meet, Gramma Beana, Gramma Lois, Grampa Bobby, Grampa Terry, who liked to hear me sing, Grampa Spencer, Uncle Chuck.

    Special memorial to my very, very loved brother Eli Charles Batiste. Your sense of humor and your absolute handsome face and gorgeous long hair live on in your nephew Miguel. I will think of you and remember you with so much love for the rest of my life. I cry every time I think of you, but through my tears, I laugh at the silly, no, stupid way you used to pretend to be drunk! Sometimes I need you, Misun, so bad, when I'm going through bad times, but then I feel you close by, and I feel better. Wait around for me, with a hand drum, so we can make up crazy songs again.....

    And finally, my very special, loving cousin Brent Lee Weston, who was more of a brother to me than a cousin. Nobody except Myron and Jason and I knew you in such a special way. The four of us had a very, very special bond, and I feel lost sometimes without it. That "Brent Look" is all around us, now, in all the little kids who are daredevils and like to joke around to much. My own little boy, B., gets that look in his eye, and I just KNOW hes up to know good. THAT is the look that started with you. Gahd, I miss you so much....I hope that you know that it tore my heart out not to be able to be at your funeral, because I was supposed to tuck that blanket around you, and kiss your forehead, and make sure you were ready to go, but I wasn't, and I just hope that someday I will be able to recover from that. I'm so sorry, Brent. I wanted to be there with you, and I needed to be with Myron, but I just couldn't do it. Who knows, maybe I wouldn't have survived it....But I'm good, and I'm gonna make sure that all these little babies, the neices and nephews, dont forget you! Forever, you will always be my favorite cousin, and everyone's favorite Uncle. Take care of Gramma til we get there!

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  • southernx_hunnie08
    In Loving Memory Of My Very Good Friends And Pow Wow Buddy Jerry Dearly Jr. Aka Jd...we Will All Miss Him So Much....
    Rip Bro

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  • cougar
    In loving memory of my two grandfathers (Hammond W. Wood & Charles Roger Martin Sr). One was very special to me and one was my Navajo grandfather that I didn't even get to know because he passed when I was three.

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  • stomp
    MIss you Mom

    Today is your birthday. All day I wanted to tell somebody, but I couldn't without, well you know, being too sad.
    I miss you so much, and I can't believe it's been 9 years since you're gone.
    I am gonna go play BINGO Thursday night like I used to with you on your Birthday. You won't be there to check my cards for me when I get bored, or, maybe you will!
    I know you and Aunt Arlene and Granma are having time together, cause sometimes I feel it. I miss my connection to you. It's hard to be left behind without someone to talk to like we used to.
    Sisters do help...they send their love, too.
    No one understands us like our moms. No one loves us like our moms.
    All the times you held back, knowing I was making mistakes, loving me, and waiting for me to do the right thing, me, your headstrong daughter. Thank you for all you did for me. I didn't have enough time to show my gratitude.
    Love you, Mom
    Yellow roses for you.

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  • native_angel07
    RIP duane

    my brother duane meat who was gunned down in mpls he was a harvard student majoring in economics so that he could come back and start up a buisness so every person on the rez could have a job. and my cousin Gregory "moon" Roberts who died a few months short of his good friend duane duane and moon sounded like a whole drum group themselves im gonna miss those guys and i hope my auntie is better her husband died 4 months before moon (her son) did

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  • LiLT206
    My Granpa... I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU!!! September 16, 2006

    and CAMERON JOHNSTON.... One of my favorite dancers... REST IN PEACE CAMERON YOU ARE MISSED!!! September 24, 2006

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  • beadingmadness
    Roberta Edna Drumbeater

    My Grandmother, My Mother...
    Gram Or Better Known As Ma,
    Was A Very Loving Person,
    She Never Turned Any One Away,
    Hungry, Dirty, Tired, Drunk, Mad Or Crazy
    She Knew You, Loved You, Cared For You..
    She Always Said" Where There Is Space For Me , There Is Space For You. "
    Ready To Hold You, When You Had No One Else,
    Ready To Feed You When No One Wanted You Around
    Ready To Listen To You In A Drunkin Rage, When No One Else Had Time For You.
    Ready To Tell You She Loved You, In Your Darkest Hour.
    Ready To Stand By Your Side, When No One Else Would Even Stand Behind You ..
    My Mother When No One Else Wanted Me ...
    I Miss You Mom, I Love You, Can You See ?
    Roberta Enda Drumbeater August 27th ? - July 19th 2004
    She Alwasy Said She Was 19? )haha) That Was Ma....

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  • yigidv
    Grandmother has always been a very special person in my life. She taught me many ways of our people. And I too miss my grandmother everyday.
    Thinking of you.

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  • Micki
    In Loving Memory of Daryl and Mailah Jack

    In Loving Memory of:
    Daryl D Jack

    May 27, 1980 – August 12, 2005

    One More

    We cheered for one more,
    One more to show us your style
    One more to show us your speed
    One more to show us your sophisticated tricks

    We are blessed to have known your style
    The way you did your spins,
    the way you moved your bustles
    the way you kept in rhythm

    We will never forget your every step
    Your brilliant colors, so powerful
    When we cheer for one more
    We will think of you

    We will cherish your smile, your kind heart
    We will remember the love you have for your family,
    The love you have for your friends will live forever
    We are eternally thankful for knowing you

    It is time for you to rest now

    You have danced your final dance for us

    We know that you will be waiting for us on the other side
    When our paths cross we will cheer

    One more! One more!........

    In Loving memory of:

    Maliah "Purdee" Morning Star Jack
    June 15, 2001 - August 8, 2005

    Pennies From Heaven
    (by Charles Mashburn)

    I found a penny today
    Just laying on the ground,
    But it's not just a penny
    This little coin I've found.

    Found pennies come from heaven
    That's what my Grandpa told me,
    He said Angels toss them down
    Oh, how I loved that story.

    He said when an Angel misses you
    They toss a penny down,
    Sometimes just to cheer you up
    To make a smile out of your frown

    So don't pass by that penny
    When you're feeling blue,
    It may be a penny from heaven
    That an Angel's tossed to you

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