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In Loving Memory of those who passed on......

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  • Ndnsoldierboy
    My mother Arlene Mary Waters. She died in April 26th 1995. she died in front of me. it was the hardest thing to do and let her go as she was sick for a long time. I miss her dearly. But she isn't in pain anymore. Her birthday is Nov. 21st. We buried her at the Pascal Sherman cemetary, near Omak, WA next to her youngest Son, Michael Joseph Robinette.

    In loving memory...Arlene Mary Waters 1941-1995.

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  • Awful_Menom_Woman

    As this day passes to remember those who have walked on, its just another day my heart aches thinkin of my son, Arthur Barrios, whose birthday just passed on September 16, and he would have been 24. My son, although you left me someone beautiful to love, your daughter, I will do my best to carry on. Missing you every day. Love mom.

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  • Ndnsoldierboy
    my brother

    Lee Lynn Johnson

    Today would have been my Brothers birthday on 30 Oct. I miss him dearly. He was killed in an auto accident near Dayton, MT on Fathers Day 1998. He was a combat Desert Storm Veteran with the 2nd Marine Division and he was a proud Father of his Daughter Chastity. He is missed greatly by all those who knew him.

    R.I.P. Bro and Semper Fi,

    Last edited by Ndnsoldierboy; 12-14-2004, 08:42 PM.

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  • AngelFeather
    To all the grandmothers

    I would like to take this opprotunity to remember all the grandmothers in our lives those that have passed beyond this world as well as the ones that we still ahve the pleasure of being in thier presence. Thankyou for your wisdom, your teachings,and your hearts. Without our grandmothers where would we be now, how would we learn the old ways of our people who would comfort us and sacrifice whatever they had to in order to give us life? Thankyou to all grandmothers for all thier devotion and sacrifice that they give to us younger generations.
    I say this because I did not have the fortune of knowing my biological grandparents but my husbands grandmothers were beautiful women and taught me alot and it was from those women that i learned more about my culture and the importance of family and Ohh the patience in thier hearts!!! Such soft spoken women with strong values and beliefs thankyou Grandmothers for showing me the way.

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  • waleli
    Terry Len Goodeagle

    In loving memory of Terry Len Goodeagle who passed on Oct. 14, 2004. He is my niece, Shochaytah's, father.
    We all will miss him - please think about the family at this sad time.

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  • debbieyd
    Originally posted by HolyElk
    In Loving Memory of my Grandma who passed away Dec 1997......... I love her and miss her very much! Glad I grew up living most of my time with her...... She told me stories of the past and about my relatives!

    I Miss my dad, Wilferd T. Yallup, deceased March 31, 2004. May the Great Spirit Keep Him and my mom, Laritta Sohappy Yallup deceased 11/27/1983 in his Loving Embrace for Eternity ~ Until we meet again. It's soooo hard to be an adult orphan......

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  • 49in_ndn
    Guest replied
    My cousin Sayra passed away in the late spring of last year. I miss her everyday. She was a type of person that loved to laugh. I didn't get to make it to her funeral. I think of her little sisters and brother as well as her folks. Red Bottom powwow and little shell won't be the same without running into Sayra.

    I've had many friends and family that have passed on from an illness such as cancer... I have all those people in my memories and I will greatly miss them.

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  • ~*MisS_SQuish*~
    :candle: In loving memory :candle:

    I have no castle, no earthly kingdom, but my Cabin will do me, untill i get home. My mansions younder, on the hills of glory. oh i hope my mansion sits near God thrown.
    So Build my Mansion, next door to Jesus and tell the angels. that im comming home..

    Uncle Joe Lent Novemeber 2003
    Alvin Lent March 2004
    Auntie Elenor Myers March 2004
    Grampa Richard Moose July 2004 I miss u soo much
    Jermey Mastagni September 2004
    Last edited by ~*MisS_SQuish*~; 09-25-2004, 04:47 PM.

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  • xbuttaxnxjellyx
    Rest.. In ..Peace

    My gramps Leonard Stately

    My cousin Teann Lyons

    See you all later! IM missin you guys. mwuah.

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  • Heinz57
    In memory of Vicki Shumate Whalen who passed away 9-9-04.
    I love and miss you my dearest friend!!!

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  • sybill

    I miss you very much Grandpa Snorky.....

    pow-wow this year wasn't the same with you not around.....


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  • AngelFeather
    In Memory of My brother Christopher who passed away in 1996 of AIDS.
    He was the laughter in my eye when I was crying, the Jingle in my step when I could not walk and my confidant for when I wanted to be heard. There wasnt a day when he didnt make me laugh he taught me how to accept and appreciate the things around me, no matter how simple the world seems to the rest of us he always found something in it to love.
    I miss you big brother but I know that you are safe now and no longer do you have to suffer in this world.
    Your sister...... BabyGirl

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  • RezGma
    I just lost my mother to lung cancer, March 19, 2004.
    Sylvia Blue (Oyate Wowecaku Win) Woman who feeds the people... She was a strong woman who cooked at the sundance in Pine Ridge, cooked for every inipi ceremony and make sure everyones bellies was full. She was a caring mother, grandmother, wife and greatgrandmother. She will be greatly missed by us all. I will look for you in the spring when the butterflies get their wings......... Love W.

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  • Smokin' Ace
    In honor of my family and friends that have passed in the last few months....

    Baby Boy Richardson
    Lewis French "Luke" Gore
    Derek Lowry
    My Great Uncle Thelbert Richardson

    Rest in peace, all my loves. Rest.

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  • wind_in_her_hair
    In Loving Memory of my father John Curtis Franzen (Spirit Track) who passed away October 18th, 2000...RIP Daddy I will always love you!

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