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In Loving Memory of those who passed on......

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  • Blackbear
    my heart goes out to you Standstill... please accept my sincere condolences.

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  • standstill
    In memory of my dad who died December 18, 2003:

    Thank you for loving us and teaching us about honor and respect!
    I know you missed mom and your papa and momma and now you are with them.
    We now have one less WWII veteran with your passing but Dad you knew how proud we were of you.
    We are honored you were our Dad!

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  • Wayha 4 Life
    who passed away after much suffering on December 17th, 2003. I will miss all of your stories, jokes, smiles and hugs. Even though you suffered alot at the end, I wish you were still here with us...My heart breaks every time I think of Grandma all alone...after 63 years with you...taking care of you. Even though she has all of us, no one can replace you. I love you and will keep all of my memories of you close to my heart. Rest in Peace Grandpa...

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  • Leslie Stonechild
    Memories for my:
    Aunty Cher who passed away Dec 1, 2000
    Uncle Warren who left us too soon on May 13, 1979
    Uncle Terry who was taken from us Aug 12, 2003

    And a special Prayer for my Kookum who has had to endure this!

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  • Awful_Mnom_Woman
    Guest replied
    In loving memory of my son, Arthur

    It's only been a year and a half since you been gone, but I sometimes half expect you to come around. Memories of you, my son, at Christmas time, seeing your happy face by the Christmas tree brought me so much joy. Our routine of opening up the presents, and staying up late playing on xmas eve will never be forgotten. It seems all the love I gave you gave me double in return. My baby, I miss you so much. I will try to be a good gramma to your daughter, Sofia, but it hurts to see so many reminders this time of year of the many good times spent with you.

    Always in my heart. Love, Mom

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  • ~*~ShanLyn~*~
    Uncle Thurman....

    I still can't believe you're gone. It doesn't seem real still. I keep on thinking that you'll be at the next powwow I go to up at the MC stand making your jokes and making us smile.
    But then when you're not there, it hurts all over again.
    I miss you so much! I remember the last time I spoke with you, you told me how proud you were of me for graduating high school and going off to college. I'm never going to forget anything you taught me. You'll be in my heart forever. I'm glad I got to say goodbye even though the whole week was a blur. I'll see you again someday!

    Uncle J.B. ....

    You taught me so many things and were always there for me. Its been almost 2 years since you've passed and nothing has been the same since then. Powwows aren't the same, theres no one there to yell at me when I'm doing something bad.....nobody to tell me to "Hurry UP" when we're doing our dance shows. Rest In Peace. You were sick for so long and you deserve your rest!

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  • gasco49
    In Loving Memory of....

    Thurman Bear - Uncle, your words of wisdom and jokes are greatly missed. We all miss your crazy stories you would tell while you sat at the MC stand. Although we dont see your smiling face anymore, we know you're still here with us. We see you in the smooth steps of the mens fancy dancers, we see you in the smiles of everyone throughout each pow wow weekends. We see you, in the tiny tots dancing, with their parents teaching them the moves of their dance. We see you in the twinkle of everyone's eye as they watch they're favorite dancer busting moves. We see you in all of these things, and because of that, we know you're still here with us.

    It's been almost a yr now Uncle, and everyday I still think of yer smile and the warm hugs you used to give. I think or your welcoming words as we all start gettin ready for Grand Entry time. We all knew when we were sounding real good, cuz you'd go as far as to get off the MC stand and bust some moves. Those were the days Uncle, but I know that someday, we'll be having more of those days. When the time comes for me to travel across the lake, I can only hope that you're one of the first ones to greet me.

    They say, you're never gone until you're forgotten, and Uncle, you will never be forgotten!

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  • Blackbear

    Man... last night my sweet little guinea pig died. She was less than 2 and seemed really healthy. Not sure what she died of, but gonna miss my little Gwis Gwis. She was my little mama who had two litters and looked like my little black bear.
    Nobody or nothing else die on me for awhile ok? I can't take anymore sadness.

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  • Blackbear
    My Gusud

    Flora A. Jacobs

    Tuscarora Clan Mother

    Flora A. Jacobs, 83, of the Tuscarora Indian Reservation, died Thursday, November 13, 2003, in the Mount St. Mary's Hospital, Lewiston, NY, after a brief illness.

    She was a life long resident of the Tuscarora Indian Reservation, born of February 12, 1920, the daughter of Pomeroy and Laura [ Williams ] Hewitt. She was a member of the Bear Clan and the current Clan Mother. Flora enjoyed doing crochet and BeadWork.

    She was predeceased by her husband Harry Jacobs, Sr., who died in 1972.

    Surviving are four daughters, Karen [ David ] Enloe, of Wood River, IL; Linda [ Rick }] Hill; Alecia Jacobs; Gini Jacobs; two sons, Roy Jacobs; Loren Jacobs, all of the Tuscarora Indian Reservation; three sisters, Marge Bomberry, of Niagara Falls, NY; Gene Mt. Pleasant; Lorraine Jonathan, both of the Tuscarora Indian Reservation; a brother, Chief Arnold Hewitt; 15 grandchildren; 14 great grandchildren and several nieces.

    She was the mother of the late Loretta; Harry Jr.; Reuben; Roger and Kevin Jacobs; sister of the late Dolores Flynn; and grandmother of the late Christian and James Jacobs.

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  • HolyElk
    In Loving Memory....

    In Loving Memory of my aunt who journeyed home to the Spirit World on November 23, 2003 at 3:10pm..

    :Angel2 Marcie McKay:Angel2

    May your sould rest in peace now

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  • pueblo_honey
    In Great Loving Memory Of...

    *+*Dwight Paquin Jun.68, *+*Elosia Menchago Jun.95, *+*Loise Paywa Dec.96, *+*Bowman Paywa Jan.99, *+*Unborn Paquin #1 Apr.99, *+*Viola Archibeque Mar.01, *+*Lionel Calabaza May.01, *+*Orlando Coriz Jul.01, *+*Karen Kee Sept.01, *+*Felicita Pino Feb.03, *+*Unborn Paquin #2 Aug.03, *+*Pete Paquin Oct.03, *+*Any others of my family that I didn't mention, Our memories live on forever!*+*

    Life is a Journey even after you die. That's what I think of while trying not to cry. I know you're watching over everything I do cause now you have more strings to pull up in the sky so blue. Now that you have left this world, but hopefully not for long, my memories of you shall be ever so dear to me.
    ~I Love and Miss You all~

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  • tricia72
    In Loving of Mother,Father & Neice

    It has been 7 lonely years without you. Being the person you were made me a very strong person and doing what I can to carry on what you have taught me. You will always be in my heart and I know that there are days you are here with us. I know one day we will reunite and it will be a joyful day. Taking me to Pow-Wows really payed off I'm very happy to have had the chance to learn my heritage and know all about Pow-Wows. (A-ho)Thank you mom. I miss you lots and will always. Lots Of Love To You Mom...( passed away from Lung Cancer). Aug. 11,1939-Nov.18,1996. Suzanne Neconie Corriveau aka Peanut.
    Dear Dad, I wished you were here and seeing how things are going especially the war that is going on. I miss hearing your Military stories and what you would do about things if you were asked. I miss our talks and how we'd talk about mom and the things she used to do to make us all laugh. Dad we talk about you all the time and I do what I can to share some of our stories. We will never forget you and will always remember the "good ole times".
    Lots Of Love Dad.
    Jan. 25,1939-Sept. 28,1999 (passed away from Larynx Cancer). Gunnery Sgt. Ronald Corriveau, USMC Semper fi

    My neice Lauren Simmons...Passed away car accident at age 15 Aug. 9, 2003...RIP and will see you when I get to the other side. Love You, Auntie

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    In loving memory of all our service members who have lost their lives while fighting for our freedom. Especially those who lost their lives this morning in the helicopter crash in Iraq :( .

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  • Awful_Mnom_Woman
    Guest replied

    In loving memory of my kosemah (sister) Jolene Nieves, her birthday was today, October 31.

    She was the sweetest girl. We miss you Jolene.

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  • cdn_cree_wmn
    For Our Brother.

    It is with much love and much gratitude that we celebrate the life of our brother. He passed away January 1, 1999.

    We will never understand the reasons why God teaches us the way he does. It was not until his passing that my sister and I learned the true meaning of forgiveness and love.

    We miss you terribly and think of you everyday.

    You are our guardian:Angel2

    cdn_cree_wmn & eveningmist_18

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