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In Loving Memory of those who passed on......

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    In memory of Shaylene my beautiful sister who lost the fight of her life to cancer May 3, 1993.
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      In loving memory of Thurman Bear

      My friend, I am missing him constantly. He always had good words to say and millions of Mnom jokes which he knew I couldn't get mad at him for. I was fortunate to be a part of his life, even if for a short time. I miss my crazy Ojib fren. :(


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        My great-grandmother Flora, who passed on March 17, 1995 ~ It's been years since you've been passed on but it still hurts like it was yesterday. I know you're doing much better up there, smiling down from heaven.

        "Cuz no - one else could give me whut u gave me
        And like when everything comes to an end
        I pray that i go to heaven to see you again

        My friend Roanna, who passed away on December 2, 2001 ~ Ever since that tragic day you were taken from us, no words can ever express our how much we miss you girl but we live everyday thinking of you and remembering all our good times.

        "In the future, can't wait to see
        If you'll open up the gates for me
        Reminisce some time, the night they took my friend (uh-huh)
        Try to black it out, but it plays again
        When it's real, feelings hard to conceal
        Can't imagine all the pain I feel
        Give anything to hear half your breath (half your breath)
        I know you still living your life, after death"

        Jordena, who passed away recently on August 11, 2003 ~

        "How do I say goodbye to what we had?
        The good times that made us laugh
        Outweigh the bad.
        I thought we'd get to see forever
        But forever's gone away
        It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday."
        Hockey is soul food.


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          For my Great Grandmother who taught me about myself, and taught me about our verbal family tree. While all my cousins ran out to play I sat at GGranny's knee and listened!

          For my Grandmother who taught me about plants and herbs how to use them, for good as well as .... we won't go there!

          For my Father who taught me that sometimes you have to stand and take what you get, without defending yourself. That way it just makes the person hurting you look that much worse! But it also taught me patience, knowing that sooner or later my turn will come!

          For my Mother a role model of a different kind, who taught me that kindness goes further than being mean and selfish.

          For my son who I never got to know, but glad I got to hold if only for just one week.

          And my friend who accepted me when I wouldn't accept myself and taught me the most important lesson of all. Life is a gift, it is one thing to give it to another, but sad to just throw away.
          I live in Tennessee, that does not make me a wannabe, hick or hillbilly. If you think it does, then what does it say about you?


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            My tiny daughter Heather Rose, I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough to carry you to full term.

            My Mother Sara, I wish you were here with me now.


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              I cannot begin to name all those friends I have lost just in the last few monthes.

              All my family members who have gone on before me.

              The one special person I will miss the most.

              I've been taught much, learned alot, and hope to teach all that I've learned and hope that I am an asset to those whom lives have touched mine.

              May they never be forgotten.
              It's good to be home!


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                In loving memory of my daughter who passed August 7th 1989, my husband who passed Dec 24th, 1994, my grandma who passed Dec 27th, 1999, my neice who passed in Dec 14th, 1999, and my brother, who was my best friend who passed March 23rd, 2002. I miss you all and think of you everyday - my tiospaye, most of it now is waiting for me in another world.
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                  My Son, David, who I lost on June 7,2003

                  He was 28 years old. He was a student at Buffalo State and was so excited about being in school. He loved school and he loved Buff State . He was on the deans list , and was a recipient of the McNair Scolarship.The amount of knowledge he possesed on so many levels was nothing if not astounding.

                  He was majoring in Earth Sciences and Geology and had chosen that because he loved it and thought he could give something back to the planet he loved. He loved animals and outdoors, in a way few do, since he was tiny.

                  My fondest memory will be, each and every time he came to my house he would get out of the car with this silly grin on his face and just smell the air and look around at the woods before he came up the stairs, each and every time. He was living in the city because of school and hated being away from the country. Often he would drive out here before dawn, after a particularly stressful week. He loved that time because everyone was still asleep and there were few cars on the road yet and the woods were totally peaceful. some guys go play pool, or have a beer or watch sports to chill and get centered. David went to the woods.

                  He was the only person I have ever seen that could find something positive in everything and everyone.

                  The thing I will miss most is the marathon talks we would have at least once a week if not more, about everything and anything. They would always last at least an hour and a half and most times much longer. We had one of those talks the night before he died in which he said he could not be happier about the way his life was going and the choices he had made about school. That is both a comfort and the opposite since he cannot actualize those choices.

                  He leaves behind a 22 year old widow, an older brother, aunts and uncles, cousins, his dad, his step father and more friends than could be imagined by the care his wife is being shown.

                  He touched more people than I ever could have imagined and more than one has told me he changed their lives by the ideas and things he caused them to think about.

                  He had a brilliant mind, a huge heart, a gentle soul, a child like innocence and sense of wonder and yet a wisdom beyond his years, not to mention being the most positive person I have ever seen. He fiercely loved his family and they were his main motivation in the choices and path he had chosen. These are not all the things that were David, just a few in fact. He is much, much more.

                  He was my baby and my best friend and he forever changed my life in both his coming and his leaving. I will miss him each and every moment of each and everyday I remain here.
                  "Be who you are and say what you feel because, those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind!"
                  Dr. Suess."


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                    For Tom Simmons, one of my favorite elders, who always had a smile and hand shake and story for my dad and me. Who was most likely a distant relative, but we never could find the right dates to prove it. A fantastic dancer himself, he was always encouraging me to dance every dance. I miss him at every gathering.

                    For my Grandmother Ruth Nadine Hill Thompson, and Grandfather Max Thompson, the grandparents I never got to meet. I wish I could've been able to hear the stories through their lips. I wish I had inherited my grandmother's beautiful black hair and eyes, but am glad my little sister at least got her eyes. Im glad to have known them at least through my father and his uncles and aunts.


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                      In loving memory of my cousin Jody, who passed almost 20 years ago - we talked so much about you this past was so good to remember - you touched so many lives in your young life - so young to were my favorite and closest cousin. I hope that I can make you proud....
                      Everything is gonna be alright!

                      Be blessed - got love???

                      This b me.....



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                        In loving Memory of my Mother who died in March of 1996...breaking Grandmothers heart, that her only child would die before her. In 1998 Grandmother died of a broken heart, she refused to eat, so big was her loss.
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                          In loving memory of my mother, Ida Little Charley Bullock. She was my strength and gave me the ambition to accomplish my dreams. For that I will always be greatful. In her honor, my newborn, Charley Ray-Ann, was named.

                          In loving memory of Bradley Walker and Lindsey Williams..... It has been a year since you left us but always remember that you will never be forgottened. You will always remain in my heart. The Creator takes his angels early and now you are with him.
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                            In loving memory of all my friends and family members who have passed especially all my grandparents. Another birthday has come today, an alot of people no longer here to celebrate it with, although I know they are with me everyday and help me to better myself everyday. I know they will always know that I am thinking of them. I pray that my greatgrandmother knows that she is on my mind all the time, she has made me into the person I am today, I thank her for her memories she passed on, her songs and love in them, her strength and generosity, and most of all her ability to be humble to everyone and everything! You are forever remembered in my heart. I am also grateful for all those who even though I only met and knew shortly, helped me in my quest of knowledge and love. I am truely grateful to be alive and to have those around me whom mean the world to me.
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                              In Loving Memory of one of my good friends:

                              Darrick John Red Tomahawk (Wambdi Duta Hoksina)
                              Passed onto the Spirit World on Oct. 3, 2002

                              Darrick was a good friend to me! He is the uncle of my daughter.
                              Darrick was born on April 9, 1976

                              Darrick was a friendly, outgoing, and generous man. His unique personality and genuine humor created an atmosphere which everyone respected. Darrick's endeavor to pursue a college degree with an emphasis in Elementary Education was based on his enjoyment of interacting with children. Attending college fueled Darrick's natural talent for drawing and painting.

                              He is missed by many and will never be forgotten!
                              In Loving Memory of Allen Alberts Sr.
                              March 1, 1945 to February 16, 2005
                              R.I.P Daddy
                              As long as you keep a person down, some part of you is down there to hold that person down. So you don't soar higher than you want.

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                                In Loving Memory of the Uncle

                                Laidman Fox Sr.

                                Who journeyed to the Spirit World on Dec. 1, 2002 in Fort Totten, ND. He was born on May 8, 1929.

                                Laidman spoke of many things before he passed. He loved singing and pow-wows. He did many things for many people. He showed us that you don't have to be a great person to do great things. Laidman was a brave man, a warrior at heart. He has now went home to be with his family, but will be missed by all of us here. He is an Arikara from Fort Berthold but has lived in Fort Totten for 44 years and felt welcome and called Spirit Lake his home.

                                I miss my uncle very much and he is missed by all, especially the family.

                                RIP Uncle
                                In Loving Memory of Allen Alberts Sr.
                                March 1, 1945 to February 16, 2005
                                R.I.P Daddy
                                As long as you keep a person down, some part of you is down there to hold that person down. So you don't soar higher than you want.

                                ~~~CutHead Band of Sioux~~~

                                ~~Native Pride~~


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