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In Loving Memory of those who passed on......

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    In memory of my dad who died December 18, 2003:

    Thank you for loving us and teaching us about honor and respect!
    I know you missed mom and your papa and momma and now you are with them.
    We now have one less WWII veteran with your passing but Dad you knew how proud we were of you.
    We are honored you were our Dad!


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      my heart goes out to you Standstill... please accept my sincere condolences.
      Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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        In Memory of My Grandpa....

        Stanley Robert Hill Sr.

        Peacefully at home after a lengthy illness on December 14, 2003, in the loving care of his family. Stanley Hill Sr. age 82 years, beloved husband of Alma (Wilson) Hill, loving father of Russell S. Hill, Janet E. D'Alimonte, Richard W. Hill Sr., Stanley R. Hill Jr. and the late James F. Hill; dear grandfather of 20 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren; also survived by sisters Margaret, Leona, Mary and Eleanor, brother Fred Hill, predeceased by Evelyn VanEvery, Edith Wilson, Laura, Janet, Kathleen, Florence, Tony, Bill and Clarence. Stan served in the U.S. Navy in WWII as a Metalsmith first class and a deep sea diver, he worked for 30 years at Local 6 International Brotherhood of Ironworkers, also a well respected bone carver, winning hundreds of awards in recognition of his artist achievement. Stan is a Mohawk of the Turtle Clan. The family will honour Stan's life with a visitation at the STYRES FUNERAL HOME, Ohsweken 2-4 and 7-9 PM Thursday. Funeral Service in the Chapel on Friday at 11 AM. Interment Church of Jesus Christ Cemetery. As an expression of your sympathy, donations may be made to the Buffalo Hospice or other home care agency.

        Blackbear-Tough times for the family, stretching my internet arms out to you for a big hug. Before I could even send my condolence out you, we were faced with yet another. I'm only glad they can walk together in their journey......


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          Thank you B... please give that sister of yours and your dad a big hug for me too. Give everyone that needs one a hug from me ok?
          Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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            In memory of...

            my Grandma Sissie Aklatka, b. 1876 d. 1983. And my Grandpa, Bryant Jesse, 1920 - 2000.


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              As we sit here and go threw the holidays the memories of lost ones fly threw our heads. Some are people we lost long ago, and others we only lost last week or last month. It is hard to think of them and not cry.

              I continue to pray for my friends who are in harms way in Iraq, and also for the familys who lost there children there too. I am sheding tears for my father who has been gone almost six years, man seems like only yesterday. Tears are flowing for my Kacu who I lost in August, but really lost years ago with her horrible diease. I am filled with tears know as I also remeber the friends I have lost too over the years.

              Thurman Bear
              Nettie Kerchee
              Leon Smith
              Dennis "Hawkeye" Hawkins
              Arlyene Dwire
              Robert Bell Jr.
              Robert Bell Sr.
              Louis Dwire
              Evelyn Volker
              John Bolson
              Mel Simon
              Abe Conklin
              Kay Deer

              There are many others whose names do not come to me right now who have touched my life in some way. But here are a list of people whose names pop out in my head. In some way there touched my life or other peoples life who I am close with. We miss you all.......
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              If I do not know the answer someone else will!!!!
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                In memory of my grandfather, who just passed 12-03. Thank you for providing for our family, say hi to grandma for us, you are and will be missed.

                In memory of a dear friend, Brandon, who died tragically but doing what he loved in 1999. You will always be close to my heart.


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                  Missin' my momma...

                  My mom, Andrea J. Hill, left us in April, 2002. She was many things to many people in Oneida; best friend, teacher, homemaker, quilting expert.... too many things to list. But she was our ma, forever sewing in her favorite chair, laughing with us at times, telling me about my big mouth other times.

                  I miss you with all of my heart, ma. The world is a different place without you here. I know you are always with me, always with all of us. You made us better people just by knowing you and loving you. I dance with you beside me at every pow wow and that makes me feel good. I'll never stop missing you, I sometimes still want to pick up the phone and hear your voice...

                  ...'til I see you again...

                  With all the love and respect that I have,
                  Your baby girl


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                    My friends who are always with me in spirit...

                    To my best friend...Ernest George...murdered in 1986
                    his brother Scott Williams-suicide 1995
                    and his other brother Dave Williams- diabetes 2000

                    Miss you bros....:(



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                      In Loving Memory of my friend, classmate and cousin

                      Merlin Little - Spirit Lake Nation

                      You will be missed by your family, friends, and thoughs met on the pow-wow trail!

                      Merlin S. Little, Tatanka Ska, (White Buffalo) 24, of Devils Lake,ND died Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2004 in Devils Lake.

                      Merlin Sylvester Little was born May 27, 1979 at Devils Lake, ND the son of Paul and Millicent (Chaske) Little. He was reared and educated in the Fort Totten area attending school in Fort Totten and also in Warwick. He worked for the Plant Ranch Nursery in Pekin and had worked for Alan Gleason and Gleason Construction Company of Tolna since 1998.

                      One of Merlin's favorite pastimes was singing with the Mystic River Singers and traveling with them to many pow-wows.

                      :Angel2 :Angel2 :Angel2
                      In Loving Memory of Allen Alberts Sr.
                      March 1, 1945 to February 16, 2005
                      R.I.P Daddy
                      As long as you keep a person down, some part of you is down there to hold that person down. So you don't soar higher than you want.

                      ~~~CutHead Band of Sioux~~~

                      ~~Native Pride~~


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                        My lil brudda

                        Miss you bru.
                        Paora you will always be here with us with your wise mouth markings ah. And your unique hands on the blade.
                        `~`~He kai a te rangatira he korero~`~`
                        ``The food of a chief is talk``


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                          In loving memory of

                          my grandpa.....passed April 7, 2003 of a heart attack. My uncle played "Taps" for him at his funeral.......month later, he died of a heart attack...May 27, 2003. Heartbreaking......his son. Moving on with our double whammied loss.....In November 2003, my cousin was diagnosed with cervical cancer.....passed on November 11, 2003. Her grandpa's sister, was sick, couldn't make it to her daughter's funeral, died a month later of cervical cancer, December 1, 2003.

                          this holiday season was a great loss for our was a time of rememberance, all of the fun times we had with our loved ones.......

                          I hope you all did too...

                          Keep them in your hearts and never let their spirits die....
                          ~+ +~
                          Just breakin it down!


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                            Originally posted by seneca*one

                            this holiday season was a great loss for our was a time of rememberance, all of the fun times we had with our loved ones.......

                            I hope you all did too...

                            Keep them in your hearts and never let their spirits die....
                            I hear ya seneca... much of the same here. Hugs to you.
                            Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                              In loving memory of my "Uncle" Ed, a cantankerous stubborn old man who was a skilled jewler, a pilot, a vintner, an expert at arguing, and an avid gun/coin/stamp collector.

                              I'm really gonna miss those heated debates we used to get in to about everything and nothing at all. I don't know how to express fully the influence you had on my life. I think you're probably the only person I know who could be taken seriously in a pair of pajamas and a ratty old bathrobe. And you taught me more about the history of firearms than I could ever glean from a book. You also taught me a lot about life and how to have an indomitable spirit, regardless of circumstances too.

                              I'll miss you, Uncle Ed. But I know I'll see you again. and then we can play chess and debate everything and nothing at all. I'll bring the wine and the teddy grahams.
                              Mad Scientists Union Local 42
                              Evil Geniuses For a Better Tomorrow

                              The secret of my succes is 30% natural talent, 10% inspiration, and the remaining 60% is just the fact that I am nucking futs.


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                                prayers to the family of Tyler Evan Benoist, who died at the young age of 14, due to injuries suffered from a fire. he will be missed.
                                I know you watch us as we pray for you. Every day we pray for you. I know you continue to live even after death, you live in the great spirit of our people. see you on the other side.
                                If you feel like you are under control your jus not going fast enough!


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