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In Loving Memory of those who passed on......

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  • cris_neva
    In loving memory of Summer Rust and children....


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  • tallwoman
    In loving memory of all my relatives who left this world.

    I want to say that w/in these last 4 years I have lost a total of 9 close relatives-almost at once! I'm not trying to out do anyone here either. I want to say their names as it brings final closure to me. Now, I can Let Them Go Home. Thomas James-T.J.-Pulliam-LOST HIS BLANKET-1972-2005-T.J. WE ALL MISS YOU! Frances Halsey-1946-2005; Alice (Halsey) Arnold-1912-2005. Sister Marie (Ida) Terese Archambault-1942-2005. Jenna Archambault's Daughter-don't remember her name-1973-2005. Pancho Arnold-1942-2005. Rhodes Arnold-1912-2005. Grace-Gracie (LeCompte) Desermeaux-1933-2006. MY Oldest Brother, Elliott John Halsey-1946-2008. The others are my four unborn children. Henry John Halsey-my Dad-1921-1998. Eloise Thelma (Williams) Halsey-My Mom-1922-1989. My Older Brother-Thomas Henry Halsey-1948-1968. My nephew-Michael Desermeaux-Gracie's Son-1953-1972. My Grandparents-Louis Halsey & Christina(Iron Eyes) Halsey & Fanny-Frances (Greenwood) Williams & John (Jack) Williams. R.I.P.-I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN IN THE NEXT LIFE-I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN!

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  • cris_neva
    Happy Birthday Marissa Sue...R.I.P....I hate that I was never able to officially meet you. I have been blessed to meet your beautiful daughter and handsome son. They are both so very proud of you and keep you close to their hearts. My husband and in-laws have shared many stories and memories of you. I know you are looking down on your family today...I wish you could have met your niece who carries your middle name....Gracie Sue....Her daddy wanted her to have that name after you and I am honored that my baby girl shares that name with you. I pray for peace and comfort for your family today and just know you are always thought of....especially today on your birthday!

    We do not need a special day
    To bring you to our minds.
    The days we do not think of you
    Are very hard to find.

    Each morning when we awake,
    We know that you are gone.
    And no one knows the heartache
    As we try to carry on.

    Our hearts still ache with sadness
    And secret tears still flow.
    What it meant to lose you
    No one will ever know.

    Our thoughts are always with you,
    Your place no one can fill.
    In life we loved you dearly;
    In death we love you still,

    There will always be a heartache,
    And often a silent tear.
    But always a precious memory
    Of the days when you were here.

    If tears could make a staircase,
    And heartaches make a lane,
    We'd walk the path to heaven
    And bring you home again.

    We hold you close within our hearts;
    And there you will remain,
    To walk with us throughout our lives
    Until we meet again.

    Our family chain is broken now,
    And nothing seems the same,
    But as God calls us one by one,
    The chain will link again

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  • Singing Otter
    I miss you Bertha.

    It's been a year. Girl, I miss you so much. Your potato salad was the bidnezz! I get so sad sometimes.... I miss you saying,"I looooove haaaaaaam!" hahahaha and that weird lil flicted dance you used to do that made me laugh every single time. I loved it when you'd say,"Dat chile is ssssschlooooow" hahahahaha I can't tell you how many times you made me laugh until I cried. I miss your humor.

    Thank you for telling me that I was beautiful and for knowing and accepting that I felt the same way about you. Your heart was better than gold. You were a good woman, mother, daughter, sister,friend... and I miss you so much. I didn't know that that last hug and that last I love you would be the last time I'd see you.

    Your funeral plays through my mind like a movie and it hurts so bad. When I go home, I go by your house expecting to see you in the yard or to have the phone ring and we talk about the newest news. This year I waited for you to call me and tell me happy birthday.... then I remembered that you were gone. (Shut up I ain't schloooow hahaha)

    Thank you for everything. I'll see ya soon enough. Until then, I got alot of stuff to do while I'm here. Don't worry lol, I'll have some fun too! When I'm done, I hope I've made you guys proud. I love you Bertha. Miss you.

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  • fancyfingers
    in Loving Memory

    from daddy and stepmom and brother, you are sadly missed everyday of our lives, its always hard around this time of year, its going on 8 years i dont think it ever gets better, i ask for prayers for my family thru this time thank you

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  • windanncer
    In memory of My Warrior, my husband - I miss you more now than when you first left. Thank you for accompanying me on my journey in life. Its lonesome without you. I hope you've found your ancestors that we looked for here. I love you, my best dude.

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  • J_MaHrEe_J
    Of my Niece Elena*Jade...i'm sorry baby girl i should've just bought that plane ticket to be with you in Salt i'll live with know'n the fact that i didnt when i could've been there wit you....I love you Baby girl

    My nephew Snowshield i'm sorry i didnt get to meet you..but know that i truly do love and miss you alot!!

    My brother Javen*Cain....words cannot express the feelings i still have to this matter what i'll always love and miss you forever......

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  • n8tivelove
    In loving memory of Richard Little Hawk Sr. my grandfather! He served in Korea, and he was a great man! I treasure all the memories and love we shared with him!!

    In loving memory of John Around Him my grandfather. Your teachings are the greatest, and you helped me to understand a lot about life. Im grateful for tunkasila for sending us a angel in our time of need!!

    I love you both!

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  • 50cal
    For my Grandfather, although I never knew you or ever saw you......What you did in your life inspired me to become the person I am today......your selfless courage to volunteer for the Marines during the Great War encouraged me to do the right thing....and make my family proud, just as you did yours when you left....Semper Fi Grandpa!!!!.....

    To my Grandfather, Yazzie Greymountain.....PFC.....Guadacanal, Iwo Jima, Saipan, Tarawa, Guam, Okinawa.....WW2.....Codetalker......11th Marines......

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  • Mud_Woman
    In Loving Memory
    for my grandmother, Mary K. Clark,
    you will be deeply missed
    thank you for sharing your winter stories,
    stories of your youth,
    and teaching me to be a strong woman.
    you always had something positive to say,
    even when negativity was in the air.
    i will miss your hugs and kisses.
    Agoonee' Si Masanii.

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  • sooze04
    In memory of my favorite cousin

    To my sister/best friend/cousin ashley erin who left on Dec 27/03,
    You left so suddenly and in such a horrible way.
    That it rocked our family to thier knees.
    We screamed "WHY" till our throats were raw.
    We cried till we could cry no more.
    Alcohol took me by the hand shortly after
    It was my best friend for years after you were gone.
    Till someone told me that it would not bring you back
    Is the day i put the bottle back
    It was hard to move on, seeing you in your son everyday
    made it even harder.
    Being sober and living a good life is what i am doing now
    I allow myself to cry for you. I will never know a loss so deep.
    Now i just close my eyes and see your smile and feel
    comforted knowing i will see you again.

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  • makatchefa
    In Loving Memory

    In loving memory of all those who have touched my life and have gone on their journey from my grandparents to my parents,my in-laws especially my beloved mother -inlaw Minnie who was my munchkin and my adopted big sis Barb. I miss them all.And i'd like to honor the memory of a great Oklahoma statesman, a Congressman,past chairman of the NFR and a member of the Cherokee Nation who was loved by many especially those of us who knew him from the world of rodeo.We said goodbye to Clem McSpadden Monday night when he lost his battle with cancer.He was a great man and i am thankful I met him on the rodeo/bull riding trail.

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  • fancyfingers
    the Silva family send our deepest sympathy, your family are in our prayers, god bless

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  • nativegal
    RIP Kevin Dominic Muckenfuss

    Gone but not forgotten. Your family all love you and will deeply miss you. Taken at a mere 10 months old, but you will forever live in all of our hearts!

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  • wadsworth

    My prayers are with all who have loss a loved one. In September 2007, I loss my father; Tony. He was a greatly enjoyable person who was full of humor. It's hard and there's not a day that doesn't go by that I don't miss him. One doesn't mourn just for a year when loosing a parent, I will mourn for the rest of my life.
    My prayers and thoughts are with you all!

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