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In Loving Memory of those who passed on......

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  • tayoonee
    In Loving Memory of Celena Lucero, 11yrs old

    What a beautiful angel!

    I had the privilege this past season of coaching this young lady. She was a angel in disguise. Never did I meet a child so dedicated to making her whole cheerleading squad shine! She uplifted everyone around her and made her mark on everyone who knew her.

    As a coach, I get to know this kids and love them as my heart aches for her family, her parents, Lee and Margie, her brother, Michael, her sister's Angela and Miranda and an unborn brother. When you send your prayers today, please think of Celena.
    Mama bear.

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  • New2itall
    To my Grandaddy, Deveret who gave me the gift of my Choctaw blood, and many lessons of life. He was a Vet, a Dad, and the best Grandpa EVER! I miss him so very much and try to live what he taught me daily. I love you "Old Timer!"

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  • 10-8-4GOD

    Thank goodness for the memories that carry on in their heritage who for some were taught to forget it. How Sad is that? Even still for others it is part of thier tradition to burn all of their belongings when they die. Man I respect it but we still need to write it down for others or it's as if those who tried to make them forget who they were, win.

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  • Full moon night
    In loving memory of Daryl Jack and meliah morning star Jack: Gone to early the 8 of august 2005: The day of my birthday: It's to hard.
    A put a prayer here for Willow and her family.

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  • Sweetsage02
    Forgot to mention that I will keep everyone in my thoughts & prayers!

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  • Sweetsage02
    In loving memory of my maternal Grandma & Grandpa! My happiest childhood memories come from the times I spent with them! I'm glad for that! I miss them both dearly.

    There was a time when I was soo sad & felt all alone without them. I must have been thinking about them so much that I had a dream in which my grandpa came to me in my dream. I remember him walking around a tepee toward me. That startled me cuz before he passed he had been confined to a wheelchair. But anyways, I remember him reaching out his hands to me then I started crying really hard while he held me. He patted my head then he told me both he & my grandma were fine and not to worry about them too much anymore! I woke up crying...not crying in a sad way but in a happy way! After that the hurt I felt ever since they passed on lifted!

    RIP Gramma & Gramps!!

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  • whitewave
    Michael Angle

    In loving memory of Michael Angle, another Native brother lost to the disease of alcohal. The doctors told him to stop or else, but he just couldnt, it had too strong of a hold on him. He was taken off of life support this past Monday. Please keep our family in your prayers especially his children and new grandbaby.

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  • Dawgwhisperer
    He Lives 4Ever In My Heart

    In loving memory of my son, who crossed over 2 years ago. He took my heart and part of my soul, which has only survived because Creator has carried me on his shoulders when I cannot walk myself. I have learned how to walk the path for whatever time I have left. I thank Creator for all the lessons, the messengers/helpers and the ndn brothers and sisters he sent to help me along the way. Nya-weh.

    Billy.......Momma loves you baby, in my heart you still breathe.

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  • Joe's Dad
    To my little great-niece who went to the other side 12/30/07. You were only here with us for a month and a day, but you touched many lives. We will always remember you.

    Uncle Jimmy

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  • fancyfingers
    Osceola Redshirt Grandmother

    Osceola's grandmother passed on Xmas night, everyone please send prayers for him and his family, God Bless, and we luv ya guyz, Silva family

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  • da_lilo_wun
    in loving memory of brandon chief

    In Loving Memory Of Brandon Chief, Dad, Brother, Friend, And Cousin......r.i.p

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  • wndskr_bigmtn
    For Our Mom

    OUR Mother passed on Feb 2 2007
    it is hard but in a beauty way comforting that she doesn't have to suffer that way anymore. she was 70 years young when had breast cancer but she beat that as well as other types of white sicknesses. The CREATOR had given 7 more beautiful years with her on mother earth. She taught me lots not having a father around and taking both parental roles.

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  • CrowDog07

    In loving memory of my grandfather Mr Elmer Laflesche Blackbird. He went home November 13, 2007 after a lengthy illness. He was the greatest man I ever will know, He was my hero & like a father to me even though he told me one time (I cant be your father, I can only be your grandfather & show you everything I have taught my sons & love you like a father loves his son) . He lived in Walthill, Nebraska for most of his life and made his home there. He was the first Native American to graduate from Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska. He was a professor at Haskell University in Lawrence, Kansas. A two time tribal chairman for the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska. A high school Omaha language teacher at the Macy Public High School, Tribal historian. Chairman of the Native American Church Association. Its sad to say that the Omaha Tribe lost a major part of our religion, & history. He is the greatest man I knew & he touched alot of peoples hearts in indian country all around the United States. I know I have forgotten alot of his accomplishments he achieved in his lifetime. I was raised by this man and had the priveledge of being in his presence half of my life and would not be the man I am now. He was an every day teacher of our culture, language, History, religion and your every day walk of life. I honored him every chance I had and I will never let my children forget him.
    Last edited by CrowDog07; 11-19-2007, 03:50 PM. Reason: Forgot some sentences, and mispelled a word.

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  • Rainbow
    Ron Gibson

    In loving memory to my brother and friend.

    Words can't express the hurt and saddness that's in my heart since you've been gone a little more than a year now.

    I miss you everyday and I'am sure others who know you do too. This road seems so sad and loney without you here.

    Thank you for giving me the honor of sitting at he drum, and teaching me some of your beauitful songs. Traveling and singing with you and Judy was the best time of my life.

    I'll will never forget you and always love you my bother and friend. Sleep well untill we meet to sing and dance again.

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  • Eagle Plumes
    Originally posted by bahnisiain View Post
    my mother, Barbara, who passed away from a stroke Monday.
    Im sorry for your loss, truly am. Same go's for all you others as well.

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