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    Marcus Allen Crate July 26th,2003

    I thought I was doin okay till I got up this morning... and I remembered everything I did one month ago today... I remember being so happy me and Ian were havin our first baby... then i remember the feeling I had when it all got ripped away... and I know my lil boy wants me to be happy... but right now I just feel like i got my heart ripped out again... I love you my macaroni baybee....

    :canada: ~*~Marcus Allen Crate~*~:american:

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    AWW!! LMD..I'll add you & marcus allen to my prayers tonite..:Angel2
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      take care girl! the sun will shine again tomorrow. :)
      The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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        for you.....

        I just seen your post about your baby that you lost....if this means anything to you I just wanted to say I know the pain you feel and will forever feel. I had triplets in 2001 and my oldest passed away in 2002 due to SIDS. It has been a hard year and a half and I still have not been able to dance yet. Just a few months ago I told my family that when my surviving babies were ready to dance then I was too, well they are ready and sometimes I tell myself I'm not but I made this commitment to them and I know my son would want us to "move on" and live our lives....I am preparing to re-enter the circle in November and his brother and siter will have their first dance as well. I want to let you know that the pain does lesson but it never goes away, if you need to write or need someone to listen you can mail me, I don't have to reply but just listen, it helps when you keep your babies memory alive and talk about them...I beleive that my son is with the Lord Jesus Christ and he is watching out for the rest of us here....may you have softer days ahead and peace within....Shelly
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