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Im Memoriam: Ms. J. P. Jordan

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  • Im Memoriam: Ms. J. P. Jordan

    My Great Grandmother passed away yesterday at 9:15 PM. my uncle and I were with her, I was just holding her hand and talking about some silly stuff, not really anything important, just telling her how much I love her cooking and especially her fried chicken. There I was just prattling on and she just stopped breathing and that was it. Just like somebody turned off a light switch. My grandma J.J., who had been here my entire life, just suddenly wasn't I could still feel her hand, and it was still warm, but she was just up and gone. And it hurts like HELL!!!!!

    J.J. was, IS the Best Great-Grandmother a person could hope to have. She was really cool. When I was younger, I used to stay at her house while my Grandmother worked nights as a Nurse over at Vanderbilt. We had a lot of fun when I was over there. We would go shopping, and play silly games, and I would help her cook, and we would read books together.
    She was Feisty, Opinionated, and could be downright Mean at times if you pissed her off, but she was still always there for her Grandkids, and later her Great-Grandkids. She was an awesome cook. I know I will never reach her level of culinary genius, but I will aspire to, especially now that there is no one here to make ***-kickin' gravy and mashed potatos, and biscuits like she did, and no one to make an awesome turkey dressing (stuffing) like she did. I used to have co-workers offering me fairly large sums of cash for my thanksgiving leftovers that she had fixed. J.J. should really have opened her own restauraunt, she'd have made a fortune. Especially since her food was addictive.

    During WWII, my Great Granddaddy was over in the Pacific, and J.J. and my Great-Aunt Hazel went to work at an aircraft plant assembling aircraft wings. They were riveters. Some where in My family there is a picture of the two of them standing in front of one of those posters of Rosie the Riveter in thier coveralls and their hair up in kerchiefs flexing their arms just like her. It's a really cool picture. And there are lots of pictures of her as a young woman dancing the Lindy, or the Jitterbug, or just standing with My Great Granddaddy.
    Later on, she was in the first class of Nurses to have graduated in Nashville. St.Thomas was probably a really great place with her there, playing poker with the Doctors and Residents and cleaning them out of their money. (J.J. could throw down on some poker)
    She Lived a full and interesting life, full of love and Fried Chicken and Salmon Patties. She is survived by her only child; my Grandmother, and by two Grandchildren; my Mother and Uncle, and by six Great-Grandchildren; Me, my Sister, My two Brothers, and my two Cousins.

    J.J., we are really gonna miss you. We already do. Tell Great Granddaddy we all said Hey, and please have some of your fried Chicken, Mashed potatos, Gravy, and Biscuits ready for me when I get there. I love you So Much!!!
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