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    STIBBINS, GARY LAYNE, 59 of Louisville, passed way Thursday, March 19, 2009. Gary is survived by a son, Justin Stibbins; step daughter, Michelle McAllister; parents, Ken and Mildred Stibbins; sister, Brenda Murray; and granddaughter, Courtney McAllister. Memorial service: 3 p.m. Sunday at Nunnelley Funeral Home, 4327 Taylor Blvd. Visitation: 2-3 p.m. Sunday. Cremation was chosen.
    Ghostrider was one of the first mods here! He loved the site and was a great help in several forums.
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    Thank you for making the post for my father. I remember him speaking very fondly of these forums, and it's members in the past, and even brought me on for a short time although I never had the patience to post all that much. I have found that the local newspaper have created this

    Guest Book - Gary Layne Stibbins

    If you knew my father, your welcome to come sign the guestbook. I plan on trying to pay to keep it up if I have the money to do so.

    Thank you all :)


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      Guest Book - Gary Layne Stibbins

      Apparently the local newspaper has set up this memorial guest book for my father. If you knew him and would like to sign the guest book, your more than welcome to do so.

      I am planning on doing my best to pay to have the memorial guest book kept up for good.

      Thank you for the nice post about my father. He spoke very fondly of this forum in the past, and even brought me in for a time, although I never had the patience to moderate like he did.


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        I hate to hear that, A-Ho Ghostrider! Thanks for your service, and may the Creator welcome you home with a grand Powwow!
        Oklahoma Proud!!!


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          Oh I am so sorry to hear this news...please know that I will keep you in my prayers...Ghostrider contributed in many great sorry to hear this...
          Everything is gonna be alright!

          Be blessed - got love???

          This b me.....


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