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  • Ed Scott / Indiana

    Ed Scott originally from the Navajo Reservation but has been living in Indiana for quite a few years passed away this morning from a car wreck.

    I have been asked by his wife to let those who knew Ed, know of the viewing services here in Indiana.

    Place: McClains Funeral Home
    Date: 10/13/09 Tuesday
    Time: 5pm-9pm

    He will then be flown home for services with his family.
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    It broke my heart when you called and told me this. I just loved Ed, he was a really good guy. Had a wonderful sense of humor and loved to use it with that great smile. He loved his family, culture and his dance. I will miss him terribly.
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      I believe he will be greatly missed by all those who knew him. He called me up about 2 weeks ago, he was wanting to hit a dance up in michigan. I guess he got to about fort wayne and decided to get gas, he called and said he was going to turn around, I guess he didn't realize that it was alot further than what he thought.

      In the middle picture, the purple and white outfit, his mom had done for him back home about ohhh 4 yrs ago or so I think. Although most of the time he danced in the black and peach. He had also started dancing chicken not to long ago, finishing up an outfit he'd been working on.

      He was telling me recently about him and his son heading to another dance up in michigan I think, he told me that his son was helping him get ready and tried to pin something on and ended up sticking the needle in his leg.... I couldn't do anything but bust out laughing. He and I met and traveled to more powwows than I can remember. It will definately be quiet
      There should be a law against stupid people being able to breed!


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        My deepest sympathies!!!

        FYI: Some of you may know another Ed Scott, Navajo, from Ft. Defiance, AZ. This is not him.


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