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  • Ashley Marie Stately "NIIYOBINESI"

    Today it has been 13 years for my one and only daughter. I just wanted to share a little bit of my lost with whom ever wants to read, but writing this to get my thoughts out!

    Ashley Marie Stately
    NIIYOBINESI - 4 Eagles

    On September 11, 1994 the creator blessed me with my first and only daughter. I was so proud to finally have my daughter and I was also blessed to have her dad and my mother there with me. She was a gift that I was only allowed to have for 3 years. She did almost everything in those three years. She also was my jingle dress dancer, I enjoyed getting her ready for the powwows, even when she didn't want to, I talked her into going and having fun. I made her older brothers regalia when they started to dance, but when it came to my daughter, I wanted her to have the best! Thanks to my good friend Karen Natewa for the beautiful beadwork she made for Ashley, it was the best in my eyes! Thanks to Karen Martin for making her beautiful satin jingle dress, the vision I always had for my daughter. She also had her plumes, that were given to her when she got her Indian name. We didn't travel much but made all the local powwows and she enjoyed(I even recorded her). But when I lost her I turned away from the circle...wrong choice!
    My daughter passed away in a two car accident just 15 miles from home and two parents were killed in the other car of a family of 4. This was a very sad time for our community as many families were affected by this accident. But it took family and community to get through this terrible time.
    I was raised by my father and mother to be responsible, respectful and treat people as you would like to be treated. Also my grandparents taught me our culture and ways of life, growing up I didn't really understand, but when I lost my daughter, it came to surface and I knew what needed to be done. So I did it! Tommy J. Stillday whom is my whaa-aa guided me through all the ceromonies and gatherings that I need to do! He told me he was so proud of my actions and how I took care of everything right away. So this helps when on my down days also. Our beautiful ways as native americans is special to me and I try my best to live by them, I fall at times, but try to get right back up! O I could go on and on and maybe will stop back and write some more, today is my toughest day!! But I know she is with me and guides me!

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    Good words...

    I have but one daughter among my children and she is my pride and joy. I can not even begin to comprehend what it is you feel, and will include you in my prayers. Your daughter will always be with you...
    I'm innocent I tell ya!!!


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