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  • im memory of......

    this is in memory of my grandparents that passed away April.16th 2003.

    my grandparents were Sally and Dean McClurg one of a kind i hope they lived there life happily and brightly....they will be missed by many many people around here they were so known around here almost the hole rez was at the wake and funeral.

    Sally will be remembered deeply with her awesome cooking and baking....and how much she cared for the people she loved.

    Dean will be remembered as the person to make u laugh and make u smile even if u were down in the dumps. believe me i know. and he will be remembered as a person willin to help others out even though he was a hillbilly.....My HILLBILLY always...

    I hope that people think before they drink and drive...thats how my grandparents past away....its hard to lose some one so instandly.
    the hard part is that my family is gettting blamed for my grandparents passing away from an irrisponsible drunk driver. i dont really understand that do you?...

    in loving memory of Sally and Dean McClurg:Angel2
    they will be remembered deeply

    thank you for reading this::)

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    Best Wishes to You and Your Family

    May we all feel your pain and struggle to even begin to understand what you may be going through.

    Drunk Driving is a terrible thing and the penalties for it in many states is a total joke.

    Recently in the state I presently live in a man was finally charged and sent away for killing a child with his car. The worst part - if he had been sent away a long time ago for his earlier 4 convictions of Drunk Driving and literally 7 suspensions the child may still be alive.

    Be strong and may the Memory of Your Loved Ones never faid.


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