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  • My friend Susie

    my sister, my friend
    I moved so far away that
    today I just learned you had
    moved even farther
    I was afraid to find out for so long
    I knew before knowing
    I didn't know how to ask
    to your daughter, I send all the love you have
    to your parents, they can see my tears
    I am lost, not knowing who I am
    like so many
    not even knowing how to mourn
    so many dead
    around the fire
    staring into nothing
    not knowing how to sing or dance
    or pray
    not knowing the words to say
    or what it means
    I look at the moon and remember you
    wishing I could have made you leave
    go home with me
    hoping for a miracle
    I was too young to see there was a secret deep inside you
    the knife that never stopped cutting
    I didn't see the blade buried deep
    tearing you to ribbons as you laughed
    you only gave me your best
    it seemed to me all of you
    there was plenty of time
    my sister would always be there
    my friend could never die
    though we were apart
    we were never alone
    the imagining of our lives
    was better than reality
    close up how each of us barely kept it together
    I imagined you well, home, safe
    child tucked in bed, with kisses and hugs
    that in the end, you'd save yourself
    I tried but you said you were happy
    both of us, cracked smiles
    what could i say
    I wish I knew how to mourn for you
    how to send you safe home
    my sister we sleep with wolves
    still surprised we wake up bleeding
    my sister my friend
    you sleep with angels and ancestors
    if only I had prayed for you
    maybe you'd be here
    if I wasn't so far away
    that if you called out for me
    i could have been there
    i hope, my sister, my friend, you have peace
    that you know you are not alone anymore
    that you are remembered for your love and kindness
    while others kicked you, or just passed you by
    as you lay dying
    I take you in my arms now and lift you up
    I stand with you always, no matter what
    my sister, my friend

    For my dear friend like a sister, Susie. We lost touch and I just found out she had passed.

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    After I hit the post button, my old man went outside to smoke and found his car horn beeping on its own, repeatedly! He doesn't have a car alarm installed either, its an older car. It took him a while to stop it. The car had been parked for several hours before it started doing this too.

    If it is my friend, she has a good sense of humor because she didn't make my car horn beep, but my old man's so and he loves that old car so he was out there pounding on it. I had to laugh, after the shock wore off. He was out there in his skivvies in the cold, it was funny.


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