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in memory of my grandparents Arthur and Joyce Crace

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  • in memory of my grandparents Arthur and Joyce Crace

    I wish you were still here to share in the laughter and be a part of our family but I know you are always with us in Spirit and will never leave our sides and will always be a part of our hearts until we meet again on the Other side where you will have no more sorrow and no more pain and will walk and not stumble and run and never grow faint where we all will be made new and old will pass away. I long to see your faces in Heaven someday and I hope you will look for me for I will be there looking for you. Come and see us anytime you'd like in the meantime I look forward to your visits while were here on Earth. If you hear me know that you both are missed deeply and there isn't a day that goes by that we don't talk about you and share memories and stories and how your Spirit lives on through us and your great granddaughter Ellington Story Messer oh how Grandpa Arthur Crace would be proud of her she looks like you has your eyebrows which are perfectly formed and shaped your eyes and your temper and ears funny how we see ourselves in you and Grandma Crace too.I wish I knew my Heritage and ancestry on my moms side I may never know all her people are gone and there is no one left to tell where we came from so I just have my dads side to go on sad but true.

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    We will still meet all in the next world. It's easier to live with this thought, I think


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