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  • Red_Passion49

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  • ambrosianar21
    Something I wrote...

    Had to write a poem for a class, this is what came out, don't know why or if it's good at all, but hey... there were some spacing and formatting differences in mine that won't post here, but ya know... just thought i'd post it.

    Scott Konzem

    Not a Soul, Not a Sound
    not a screech howl yowl or bark,
    only black, engulfing, hiding
    On the road, ‘round the curve,
    speeding past the screaming orange
    sign of
    if it only knew
    but nobody knew, not for three days
    the people scurried and worried and searched
    But the screaming change
    known but to the arroyo, hiding
    blue mangled metal twisted chrome fragile
    sweet innocent beautiful and
    Then the screaming, the crying, tears
    enough to fill the void and wash
    it all away, but
    now exposed it will never be gone
    always with me

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  • samaurai5
    These are words that go together well...

    I loved Michelle like she was my sister, and as my real sister said up there, we were closer than anybody. We always had the best times and even though a lot of people said that she was their best friend, she really was my best friend. I sent a peice of artwork to her family in the hopes that I would feel a little better by doing something. I will never forget that crazy girl and all of the fun times we had. I remember her always telling me to be true to myself and sometimes we didn't even have to speak. I will see her again someday but for now she lives on in me.

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  • ambrosianar21
    Michelle My Bell...

    I got this link from my mom, who got it from my sister in law. Anway, I'm Scott, one of Michelle's three brothers. I just wanted to respond to this to say how much we all (my family and I) appreciate all the little things that people have done all over the place to commemorate my sister. Michelle was a truly unique individual who at all times was determined to be herself. She was in life, and continues to be in death, a role model to everyone who came into contact with her. If we could all learn to a) be ourselves and b) accept and embrace others (as she did in life) this would would indeed be a much better place.
    I miss you so much sis. I'm so glad that I was honored enough to call myself your brother and your friend. I can only hope that some of the wisdom which you embodied somehow exists in me. In any case, I know that you'll always be with me.
    See you on the other side babe...
    me... :american:

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  • RainyDaze49
    started a topic Michelle E. Konzem

    Michelle E. Konzem

    Last week, my sister lost her best friend in a car accident. This woman and my sister were closer than me and my sister, but it didnt bother me at all, cuz my sis can be a difficult person at times. Michelle understood my sister and loved my sister for the grumpy girl she was. They were awesome friends and loved each other very much. They were roomates before my sister went back to school, they would die they're hair funky colors, cook breakfast in the morning together while jamming out to the Ramones, tell each other their most hilarious stories and just always have a good ol time. They could lift each other up and encourage each other and be legit to one another.

    Michelle wasnt native, she wasnt a wannabe, but she was by far one of the coolest people in the world to my sister and my family. She was LIFE! She was crazy! She was nuts! She was lovable, genuine, sincere, goofy and down to earth.

    We were very lucky to know her, and very blessed to have had her in our lives. We'll miss her crazy sense of humor, like when she got drunk once, got buckit naked and jumped in a hotel swimming pool. We'll miss her laugh, her smile, her encouraging words, her dear friendship, and most of all, her awesome personality that made her such an amazing person.

    We cant even find it in ourselves to cry for her, when she was pure happiness and kept all of us in such good spirits. She will never be forgotten, always be missed, and whole heartidly appreciated.

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