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lets not forget where the word "battle" begun for the u.s. army

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  • Blackbear
    Then Native Life is where you want it. Memorials is where most people post about loved ones that have passed on or want to say something about a family member on the anniversary of their death... very personal. Not that wounded knee is'nt personal to alot of people, but I mean personal as in personal close relatives. Most people don't read it unless the recognize the name of the deceased or the name of the person posting.

    Here any information is read by alot of people... so please feel free and post away what you want to (within guidelines please :D ) . You got my attention!

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  • Pheji Wanbli
    i was not sure where to put it either. its too sad

    should it be a memorial or a way of life? i know people should read about it.

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  • Blackbear
    I'm not sure memorials is exactly the proper place for this. This is more a place for the more recently deceased to be remembered... at least that's what I thought it was for. I'm moving this to native life for now.. if people have a large problem with it being moved and feel that memorials is actually the best place for this thread, then please PM me and let me know.

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  • lets not forget where the word "battle" begun for the u.s. army

    it was on a cold nite. "nite of the poping twigs" dec 29 1890 where the good ole us massacred women and children its worth reading about it. wounded knee s.d. pray for all the ones that will be in cermony there on this site.
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