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Hello From Intertribal Cultural Elders

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  • Hello From Intertribal Cultural Elders

    We are an organized group of elders in Riverside, CA based out of Sherman Indian.

    Rosalind Alemany
    Monica Archuleta
    Ruth V. Austin
    Donna Jensen
    Cindy Beeshligaii
    Jeff Bleszinski
    Julia Bogany
    Roy & Mary Little Bull
    Kirk Bunch
    Sherri Chandler
    Anna Chanvechsat
    John Closner
    Darlene Dukelow
    Brandon Duran (Randy & Dakota)
    Beyaja Notah
    Sierra Ebersole
    Crystal & Nakni Felihkatubbee
    Tonita Largo-Glover
    Yolanda Graviloni
    Lucinda Gus
    Mr & Mrs Jefferson
    Katie Jumping Eagle
    Sarina Jumping Eagle
    Wally Kamatabe
    Mr & Mrs R.O. Lepper
    Lucy (Dineh)
    Blossom Maciel
    Dwight Monroe
    Sylvia Morton
    Eva Parish
    Britt Porter
    Carol Ray
    Rosemary Read
    Julia Roubideaux
    Cheri Schilling
    Lori Sisquoc
    Lee Tomhaven
    Cliff Trafzer
    Betty Turner
    Henry Vasquez
    Maxine Vasquez
    Marilyn Vesely
    Rose & Danielle
    Tony & Eleanor Wapp
    Francis & Harry Williams

    We have potluck and social gathering every second Tuesday of every month at Sherman Indian High School. Our president is Dwight Monroe enrolled with the Maidu nation.

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    Good post

    Good post! I plan to move into this stuff after I’m done with school, as most of it is time consuming. It’s a great post to reference back to. My blog needs more time to gain in popularity anyway.
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