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  • Ojibway stories?

    Anyone willing to tell, or point me in a more appropriate direction to find out about, stories/legends of the Anishinaabe? the dreamcatcher story is plastered all over the place, but that's about it... just interested in learning more about the culture through the stories. The Creation legend, Thunderbird stories, how the pipe came to the people... and I know the wolf is very important to the Ojibway, but I'm not sure why.

    A more random question- are there stories associated with ravens or crows in any Nations? Just curious, I've always been interested in corvids.

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    Maybe the wrong time of year to be asking for this information. Most legends are told (shared) during the winter time. Just my $0.02.


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      Ahhh... sorry, wasn't aware of that :) thanks though. Maybe someone will still contribute something... if not, waiting a bit longer wouldn't hurt.


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        im not ojibwe but i read an ojibwe story, about a turtle losing his shell near a pond. im not for sure how it went but it was a good little story. i liked it ;)


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          Myths and Legends for American Indian Youth

          Native American Wisdom one of the best!

          Mythology of North American Indians

          Mythology (North American Indian)
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              Thanks for the sites! Its a shame the first one's links didn't work, it looked really interesting... but they were all really useful :) The 2nd one really is the best of them... sad that there weren't more Ojibway stories! xD But I love hearing 'em all, haha.


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                Originally posted by Meshekigiizhig View Post
                This story was originally told by Tobasanokwut Kinew, but I translated it into Anishinaabemowin. Hope this helps...

                Chizhaazhe igo, niio manidowag gii gizhiibizowaad dawaamagading. Bezhigo eta manido gii nandawendad ji-mbizod besho-aki zaam gii nandawendad ji-zegi’ad kina bimaadizijig gii endawaad akiing. Aanawi, mii sa wa manido gii mbizod zaam niibina besho-akiing miinwaa gii baashkabooniid akiing. Pii mii maanda gaa ezhiwebag, gii ni-naagwad basadinaa. Shkwaa bangii boonigag, mii sa wi basadinaa gii mooshkinebazhamagad miinwaash miishkonsag miinwaa mtigwag gii maajiigiwaad giiwitaaoshkizaagaa’iganing. Miidash ingo-giizhig, bezhigo eta wesiinh gii mookibiid miinwaa gii mashkwizid miinwaa gii aakwaadizid. Anishinaabeg gaa’iin wiika gii waabmsii’awad jibwaa wa wesiinh. Aanawi, kina goya gii gikendawaad gii onjibad wa wesiinh…zaam gii dibishkoo wa manido ge gii baashkabooniid chizhaazhe igo. Zaam maanda, gii wiinzh’awad wa oshki-wesiinh “gwiingwa’aage.” “Gwiingwa” edaaman “shooting star” miinwaa “–aage” edaaman “where something originated from”…miidash “gwiingwa’aage” edaaman “The one that originates from a shooting star.”

                Long ago, four spirits were flying fast in the heavens. One spirit wanted to fly close to Earth because he wanted to scare them all the people who lived on earth. But, that spirit he did fly too close to Earth and crash-landed on Earth. When this happened, a valley appeared. After a few years, that valley did fill-up with water and then grass and trees started to grow around the new lake. So then one day, just one wild animal he did emerge from the water. and he was strong and he was fierce. The Anishinaabe never had they seen him before that wild animal. But, everybody they knew where he did come from that wild animal...because he was just like that spirit that crash-landed long ago. Because of this, they did name him that new wild animal "gwiingwa'aage." "Gwiingwa" means "shooting star" and "-aage" means "where something originated from" then "gwiingwa'aage" means "the one that came from a shooting star" or better known as the "wolverine."

                Thanks so much for sharing that... very helpful, yes :) I'm interested in any and all stories... so this is how the wolverine became known to the people, I like it! Someday I'd like to learn even a little of the language... sometimes its so hard to translate things, and some of the meaning or power gets lost in trying to get a message across with different words. Thank you again :)


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                  Thanks for the sites! Its a shame the first one's links don't work, it looked really interesting... but they were all really useful :) The 2nd one really is the best... so many stories to look through from all over the place. Sad there weren't more Ojibway ones! xD But I like hearing 'em all, haha...


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                    And thanks to Tibiki Kinew for all the sites x) I posted a thanks to you but for some reason its not showing up... but they were all very useful, especially the 2nd one. Its nice to see such a Its a big collection of stories from all over. Its a shame the first site's links didn't work, it looked really interesting...


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