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    When you had your baby did they take pictures of your genitals?

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    Why are you asking such a question in an open public forum?

    Are you doing a paper? Research project? Is that what they did to you?

    Just wondering


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      the answer for me is NO!!!!

      LOL why would they want to?


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        rhon64 What is the meaning of that post?
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          For Woman Only

          Why on earth would anyone ask this question??!! Are you sure "YOUR" a woman...


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            Maybe the OP is a woman and it was done to her and she wants to know if that's normal. I've never heard of that being done, so if that's the case, perhaps you should ask what the deal was.


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              your question is stupid and it is inappropriate. Do you have nothing better to ask in this forum ?


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                Troll ?

                Sniff sniff

                yep, smells like an internet troll to me


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                  giving the befit of the doubt i believe this person might be talking about the birth of a child and as far as i know the hospital does not take pic of the birth , it would have to have been a family member or friend taking photos. ,
                  the way the question is fazed ..the first thought is about the first hospital pic of new would have been better for the person to have made a friend or two before asking such a questing and pm such a quarry to friend ..either way who knows why this was asked... could have seen someone else birth going to have a baby want wants to know if they should ... or a kook who knows ? as im now 51 years i fine the younges ppl comes up with some
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                    oh 44, well just no explaining .......being with out a roof might mess with someone head.

                    best wishes on getting back home to Or.
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                    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass..It's about learning to dance in the rain. for me and the wolf


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                      I will agree that perhaps rhon64 should have first intordced themselves in a difference thread, and then approached this subject ina different fashion.

                      If the question was posed because of something that was experienced, the question would be no: that is an invasion of your privacy, and therefore illegal. I would consider contacting an attourney.
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                        Attorney? Isn't that something that white people do? Quick, run, get the attorney right away.

                        I think it would be better to get the lady elders to whip Rhon64 with their beating sticks.
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                          I worked as a doula (paid labour assistant) for a while as well as a childbirth educator. It was popular amoungst White people to do this as thier babies were in the process of birth, and also to watch. However people of other cultures often reacted much like this thread and the whites would try and pressure them into which point I would cut in and remind them that some of us had different cultural ideas of what would make our childs birth perfect, but I knew some of the white childbirth educators I worked with just Participated in the peer pressure, so I know I am late to this conversation but I am betting this person was perhaps pressured into this situation and wants help with the fall out. And often when we are so hurt we rush for help rather then look for it in a slow fashion. As a doula I worked with Moms after the birth as well and these pictures have often been recieved negatively once the Mom sees them, sometimes I had to reccomend counceling at our local Women's services center.


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