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Need help/resources to enrich our culture program

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  • Need help/resources to enrich our culture program

    Reaching out for advice or direction for our American Indian Education and Culture Program of Martinez, Ca.

    We're lacking in resources within our cultural teachings for our students and families. We currently hold an annual Outdoor Heritage Camp every June, and a Winter Gathering every December. As adults we need to expand our knowledge so we may share and pass on to our future generations. Our current activities repeat themselves as every year passes, and we desperately need fresh ideas, and corrections if we are doing wrong. We want to honor the ways in every way possible. It's been years since we've had anyone to teach dance to our boys and girls, and would like to begin holding culture classes asap for all of the ways we are lacking in.

    If anyone can advise, or would be interested in coming to our center to hold classes or share at our annual gatherings, please contact me.

    "Tell me and I'll forget.
    Show me and I may not remember.
    Involve me and I'll understand."

    Thank you in advance!

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