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I feel in my heart and soul the Lives of my ancestors.
I hear the Beat of Mother Earth drum of Life.
She calls to me ever so softly as I slumber in my bed.

When I awake and walk by her arteries of Life waterways.
I listen as she tells me many stories of the Ancestors and her children long past.
She allows me to drink and eat from all her Life giving childrens’ nutrients.
She allows me to feel the Wind as it brushes past me.

Creator allows me to live another day to and awaken to my own lodge.
Creator allows me to breathe, to see the Beauty of another Sunrise and sunset.
Each time I take a step Creator reminds me how lucky I am to be able to walk and think
Clearly of my own being.

The four directions guide me in my own Life.
I pray each day to them and give thanks to not only
Them but to Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and the Creator.
Although Creator is NOT last in my list but first in all my prayers.

I end each wondrous day with prayer to the Creator, Mother Earth Father Sky the Four Directions and the Wind , the Rain ,the Stars and the Clouds.
For each day they bless me with visions of Life and wonderment.
For each day of Life I breathe in: Creator allows me to see and hear so much.
To be able to love and spread his message of Peace and Tranquility.

Morning Star Wolf