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    She said, "You don't do nuthin' with me no more."
    That's when I drug her to the hardware store.
    Laid down my money, bought her a pop.
    Promised her some fun, just one more stop.
    Bought her a license and a fishin' pole,
    took her to my favorite hole.
    Told her we'd stay till she got bored.
    Hell that happened as I shut the truck door.
    Well I said we'd leave, "Just one more cast."
    Knowing that this would be my last.
    I leaned back and threw it with all my might....
    that's when I felt the line go tight.
    Well I don't know but something come over me.
    I set the hook and let the line run free.
    She twisted and thrashed and jumped about.
    That's when I heard an awful shout.
    It was a hideous scream.....such misery,
    a sight like this men rarely see.
    She flipped and she flopped and then with one big splash.
    That's when I landed that large mouthed ***.
    I suggested it be "mounted" she said, "NOT on your life"
    I guess there's just things you don't do to your wife.
    She don't do nuthin' with me no more.
    remember you are tommorow's elders

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