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hmmmm? the idea thread.

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  • hmmmm? the idea thread.

    lets pick a topic and write about it. just in general like say 1986 or a horse.. *jus something* cause most everybodys seen a horse and most everybodys been through 1986..

    whatever we decide on, there will be a certain time limit cause not everybody can whip out something jus like that. after the limit we will read each others stuff. alittle cheezy but! itll develop itself as it goes.

    yeah, ill try and wow yall with whatever we decide. sound good?? great!! leave an idea whatever it is.
    thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

    *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*

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    i know theres creative people in indian country cause i see it all the time. im not asking ya to write something to back up whatever you suggest. although it would be nice. say something.
    thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

    *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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      Back in 1986 I worked as a cashier at a little hole in the wall gas station it was the City of Redford, I lived in the City of Detroit and only had two kids then
      I drove a puke green malibu had just split up with my Ex lved with my grandfather adoptive mothers side
      saw the Vanhalen tour with BTo at joe luis arena it was the 5150 album
      I was 22 yrs old

      And I have never rode a horse


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        The old Man Sold My Horse, That was the Beginning of 15 years working with a chainsaw, Enjoyed those years, even in extreme hot or cold weather it was great to be out in the woods working. Seen alot of changes to the industry, made a lot of friends


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          then one day while in town, outside Redford, which was actually named Red Ford and was a place to 'ford' the Rouge river, I saw a sheeny man coming by w/ a horse and a cart. Was it my horse? is that what became of my noble steed? I ran over to look, but alas, it wasn't. However, I saw where somebody had thrown away an old guitar, which still had 5 of the 6 strings. I took it, and since I couldn't get a 6th string, slowly learned how to play the 'bass' guitar. I worked my way up to a decent player, and eventually played in garage bands, doing rock and roll, blues, and R&B. Then, one night, I was in the audience at a bar, drinking a beer or ten, and listening to the house band get ready, by playing 'get ready' which was a MOTOWN song by both the Temptations, as well as Rare Earth. The band was practicing it, but the bass player just couldn't get that Motown sound and feel, and kept screwing up the notes. I ignored them, but finally, the sheeny man, who has saved enough for a whiskey or two, saw me, and said: 'hey ain't you the guy who took that old guitar from me w/ 5 strings a couple years ago'? how'd that turn out? So I told him I learned to play the bass reasonably well.
          The waitress, who had bumps in all the right places in her too baggy uniform, overhead all that and said 'why don't you help out that poor guy struggling up there?' So, reluctantly, I sat in on that song on bass..and showed the guy the riffs. I got a STANDING ovation from the crowd, but to this day I believe it was for ending the 1,000 attempts by the band!!
          Then I noticed that the group was especially wierd (and that was going aways in the 70's-80's Detroit scene! and all looked like aliens from another planet, or at least 'geeks' from a carnival sideshow. But since I had gone to that bar immediately after a softball game, and was STILL in my uniform, I guess my stage image was bizarre in it's own way!
          So what happened from there? did I reach international fame as a musician? did I at least get a few free drinks, and maybe a date w/ the bumpy waitress? guess we'll only know in the next episode....


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            I saw a sheeny man coming by w/ a horse and a cart.
            I havent heard that word since I moved out of Detroit
            now they drive broken down pickups

            I dated a guy who was a garbage man
            and He got me a mint condition 12 string alveraz out of the garbage

            a few months later he got drunk and broke it all over the floor
            ( I think he thought he was keith richards or somthing)


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              Hey Joe Remember the local band

              Bitter Sweet Ally? BSA


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                Here's one idea. You know how sometimes when you go to the store you find a list someone has dropped? How about we do a list from wal mart we pick maybe 10 items (someone different picking one item). We then use that list in our stories. I think it would be fun to see how different the stories would be with the same items in each one.

                Thanks for starting this thread!
                "Such,things though rare in time, are frequent in eternity. -- Bryon, "Cain"


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