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So Easy even a cave man can do it

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  • So Easy even a cave man can do it

    So Easy even a cave man can do it

    Here where I live there is a car insurance commercial and in the commercial they say even a cave man can do it,referring to how easy it is to get their insurance..As most of you know I do enjoy anything which stimulates my brain and this commercial stimulated my brain but not in the way the writers thought it would.When I viewed the commercial it dawned on me that most people of todays society are in fact cave men..No, they don't live in holes in the ground but instead have moved their caves above ground and live in man made caves..

    In college classes I was taught that cave men came mostly from Europe and they lived in permanent to semi permanent caves.. When they eventually migrated above ground they used rocks and bricks made from clay and built man caves to dwell in.. When the Europeans came to "The New World" they built man made caves to live in from rocks and trees and bricks they formed from the rich clay soils they found here..The original inhabitants commonly known as American Indians of the "New World" were not cave men..The American Indians lived in temporary homes some called teepees,wigwams and lodges or long houses they constructed from fallen trees and from mud and mosses and these homes were not fancy or intended for a long stay..

    Historical evidence indicates my tribe the Cherokees lived in two houses one for the hot summer months and one for the cold winter months..The summer homes were constructed with one side open for the cool mountain winds to blow through giving the home a natural air conditioning effect and the winter homes were well sealed and kept warm almost like a sauna..

    So the next time you see that insurance commercial that says "So easy even a cave man can do it" remember that most of the people living today are cave men some of which have built high rise man made caves to live in..

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