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The Chief and the minister

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  • The Chief and the minister

    The Chief and the minister

    One day the white minister of the Hudson Bay Post sent out word to the Indians in the area that he would come out to visit them the next day.. He said he would explain the whiteman's belief in the Great Spirit..When the Indians heard the news they became excited and looked forward to the visit.. In preparation of the visit they painted their faces and put on their very best clothing..When they saw the minister approaching they notified the Medicine man and he began beating a drum and started singing medicine songs believing this would please the minister....After the minister shook hands with the medicine man he mad a speech and he told everyone gathered there that the medicine man was teaching something that was not worth while and was wrong.. Next he said I didn't want you people to paint up your faces,sing or beat drums..There is only one God in heaven and I am here to tell you about him..All of the Indians standing there never said a word because it is the custom of Indians to not interrupt anyone until they are finished talking..When the minister finished his speech the chief stood up and spoke to the minister.. He asked the minister "why do you tell us to be good? We are not bad;your white people may be bad but we are not..We don't steal,we don't tell lies;we take care of our elders and our sick..We don't need that which you speak to us about.. But,' said the minister,'there is only one God and you must worship him.' Then if that is the truth said the chief 'we Indians are worshiping the same God you are..We worship God differently than you..He gave you white men one way to worship and he gave us a different way..I think the Indian should worship God his way and the whiteman should worship God his way.."But the Great Spirit you speak of is not the same one we worship said the minister.'"Then there must be two god's said the chief." "Your God gave you a land to live on far across the big waters and he gave you everything you needed to live on that land...He gave the Indian this land to live on and everything we need to live on it..You white people did not like the land your God gave you and you came over here to take our land from us..Because you did that ,how do we know that if we do accept your God he won't take our land from us too when we die and go to your hunting ground? We should all work with one another for God and not against each other..

    I believe there are some memories that will last beyond forever.. I hope when you get the opportunity to make some you will do it and then enjoy them beyond forever..

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