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Satan Gave Me A Taco by: BECK

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  • Satan Gave Me A Taco by: BECK

    Satan gave me a taco
    And it made me really sick
    The chicken was all raw
    And the grease was mighty thick
    The rice was all rancid
    And the beans were so hard
    I was getting kinda dizzy
    Eatin all the lard
    There was aphids on the lettuce
    And I ate every one
    And after I was done
    The salsa melted off my tongue
    Pieces of tortilla
    Got stuck in my throat
    And the stains on my clothes
    Burned a hole through my coat
    My stomach was atremblin
    And I broke out in a rash
    I was so dry and thirsty
    And I didnt have no cash
    So I went and found a hose
    Tore off all my clothes
    Turned on the water
    And it shot right up my nose
    Some old lady came along
    And she thought I was a freak
    So she beat me with her handbag
    til I could hardly speak
    I was lying there naked
    My body badly bruised
    In a pool of my own blood
    Unconscious and confused
    Well the cops came and got me
    And threw me in their van
    And I woke up on the ceiling
    And I couldnt find my hand
    They took me to the judge
    His eyes aglowin red
    The courtroom was filled
    With witches and the dead
    Well the sheriff was a hell-hound
    With fangs and claws
    The prisoners were tied up
    And chained to the walls
    The air was getting thick
    The smoke was getting thicker
    The judge read the verdict
    Said cut off his head!
    Well they placed me on the altar
    And they raised up the axe
    My head was about to explode
    When I noticed the marshall stacks
    I noticed all the smoke machines
    Cameras and the lights
    Some guy with a microphone
    Runnin around dancin in tights
    And I noticed the crew
    And the band playin down below
    And I realized I was in a rock video
    So I went and joined the band
    And I went out on tour
    And I smoked a lot of heroin
    And I passed out in manure
    I made out with the groupies (aw yeah)
    Started fires backstage (aw yeah, start em up)
    Made a lot of money (aw yeah, Im makin it)
    And I gave it all away (give it all to me)
    Well the band got killed (aw, bunch of losers)
    So I started a solo career (aw haw, yeah
    And I won all the awards (get em all now)
    And I drank all the beer (drink it all up; get funky)
    And I opened up the taco stand (aw haw, etc.)
    Just to smell the smell
    Cookin with the devil
    Fryin down in hell

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    One of my all time favorite tracks of all time


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      Have any of you actually heard this tune? It's freakin Hilarious!



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