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    American Gods

    American Gods by: Neil Gaiman. A superb read, I couldn't put it down. Gaiman is a contemporary fantasy genius. He also wrote a whole $hit-ton of DC Vertigo titles, including the world's renowned graphic novel series SANDMAN.

    It's pretty awesome on audio too. Please give it a read, it goes fast, no real huge words and it's set in mostly rural Wisconsin, dig that huh? And it's just a killer killer novel. Hands down ya'll.

    Peace and Love


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      Originally posted by marichriaddi View Post
      yeah...the whole two shelves on natives...pretty sick n wrong I tell you. Anyways, I think that the books by Carlos Casteneda are very neato. They are life-changing books for realz. Also, a book called From the Heart edited by Amy Miller (I think that is her name) is definitely a good book that tells Native history using quotes and speeches made by Native people. It gives a unique perspective on things. Also, American Indian Myths and Legends is really good too. I don't care for the little intros and summaries by Richard Erdoes b/c of his little white man point of view, but the stories are good. hmm...I'm not too big of a fan of fiction these days but when I was, I liked sherman alexie's lone ranger and tonto fistfight in heaven. oooh and I definitely liked Talking Leaves, which is an anthology of Native stories. My favorite was The Old Marriage by Debra Earling b/c it took place on the best rez in the whole world (my rez). I also liked Deer Woman...that story was tha shiznit. anyways, I could go on and on bout books to read in any genre b/c i'm a nerd like I'll just stop here w/ the recommendations. Peace.

      Yes Carlos and I have been friends for the last 15 years. I'm on the second to the last book in the original series or what ever you want to call them. Good stuff that Carlos Castaneds, although the events leading up to and surrounding his death in 1998. But one hell of a rouge scholar my friends. I recommend his earlier books, well the first five or 7, after that especially around Tensegrity and the Art of Dreaming it gets way to new agey and crap.


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        My all-time favorite is The Grass Dancer by Susan Powers. I have read that book about 10 times it's so good. I even had my upward bound students read parts of it and they hated to read but they loved it too! Another fave is Grand Avenue and Sherman Alexie's Ten Little Indians. A good nonfiction is The Osage Indian Murders. I love Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine. I could also go on for days about Native Literature. I'm such a book worm.
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          X Indian Chronicles, Thomas Yeahpau

 X-Indian Chronicles: The Book of Mausape: Books: Thomas M. Yeahpau


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            The Dragonlance Chronicles: Margarete Weis and Tracy Hickman

            Dragonlance Legends: Margarete Weis and Tracy Hickman

            The Dark Elf Trilogy: RA Salvatore

            The Icewind Dale Trilogy: RA Salvatore

            The Belgariad: David Eddings

            Choke, Fight Club, Diary: Chuck Palaniuk

            Mosquito Coast: Paul Thoreau

            Empire of the Ants: Bernard Werber

            The Ultramarines Omnibus: Graham McNeill

            Soul Drinkers Omnibus: Ben Counter

            "Space Wolf" The First Omnibus: William King

            just to name a few


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              Tales of Macabre and Horror
              HP Lovecraft

              He has many compilations and whole stories out there in print. Borders or Barnes & Noble, Walden, etc will have him.

              For any lover of horror or mystery and fantasy, HP is a must ya'll. He's the Grandfather of Sci-Fi/Horror save Edgar Allan Poe. Yes I have compared him to Edgar Allen Poe, and hell Shakespeare, why the hell not; far as greatness goes. And the guy was a total nut, not that Edgar or Shakespeare weren't. But it sure helps writing doesn't it!


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                As far as fiction is concerned, just about anything by Louise Erdrich and Alexie Sherman. I also liked The Grass Dancer by Susan Power. I am re-reading Perma Red by Debra Magpie Earling. House Made of Dawn by M. Scott Momaday was also an amazing book. Just throw in anything else by M. Scott Momaday. Paula Gunn Allen also put together a couple of great anthologies of American Indian Literature: Voice of the Turtle, and Song of the Turtle.

                The Broken Cord, by Michael Dorris, was also a powerful read. It is about his experience of adopting a child with fetal alcohol syndrome. Maybe this has been corrected in further editions, but the last 75 pages of my edition looked as if they were added as an afterthought, and really did not fit in the flow of the book.

                Thanks for this thread. Now you have me looking back at my library.


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                  Originally posted by OneidaDreamer View Post

                  Choke, Fight Club, Diary: Chuck Palaniuk
                  so far i've loved everything by chuck palahniuk , he has a wonderfully twisted view on life.
                  his books are never the same ol, same ol....
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                    I agree with you SheTurtle, Louise Erdrich, and Sherman Alexie are two of my favorite Authors, Louise Erdrich's book the Bingo Palace was one I just reread, very good. As far as twisted, Stephen King style, I have to give it up to my cousin Paul Tremblay, some of his books make your hair stand up. The last book I just read though and reccomend is "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Very good book, especially the begining when she is in Italy, if you are a foodie you will definatly enjoy reading about her trip through Italy.
                    Currently I just finished that book, looking for another good book to delve into, suggestions are more than welcome. :)
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                      Dark Elf Trilogy and the Icewind Dale Trilogy
                      By. RA Salvatore

                      Peace and Love


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                        Originally posted by outershell View Post
                        so i was in abarnes & noble looking for something to read and i came across the "native american section"... which was like 2 shelves.
                        and i was really disappointed at the new age crap that was mixed into that section.
                        anyway.... i'm still looking for something good to read.
                        any books you'd recommend?
                        The Broken Circle: A True Story of Murder and Magic in Indian Country
                        by Rodney Barker

                        In 1974, three white high school students were were charged with the murders of two Indians in New Mexico. The crime became nationally renowned after the militant wing of the Navajo nation interpreted the slayings as an example of racial prejudice. This work is a revealing portrait of the way Indians and Anglos live together today.


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                          Ella Clah Novels....By Aimee and David Thurlo!


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                            If you like mysteries.......Jean Hagar writes Molly Bearpaw mysteries taken place around Tahlequah, OK that are pretty good.

                            For westerns........Robert Conley has written some good books....."Ned Christy's War" is a good one.


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                              Anything Neil Gaimann


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                                I just finished Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. (it took me so long because i'd get so angry i'd have to take a break...) but it really should be required reading in schools today.
                                There is only one success; to be able to live your life in your own way.


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