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Call for Submissions - The Next Seven Generations

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  • Call for Submissions - The Next Seven Generations

    Call for Submissions

    “The Next Seven Generations”

    We are seeking submissions for the 2008 Children of Many Colors Powwow program. The topic is what does the future hold for our next seven generations?

    What do you see for the future of Indian people? What do you see for the future of our Earth? What are you doing about it?

    Last year’s powwow program was very well received with the short stories collectively known as “Why We Sing, Why We Dance”. We would like this year’s program to include a broad spectrum of people, view points, ideas, and inspiration.


    Your submission will be considered for inclusion in our annual powwow program. If there are more submissions than we can fit in the program, we may publish a book. If your submission is chosen for the program, you will receive a copy of the program. If we create a book, it will be available for purchase online at; as a small non profit group, we regretfully cannot afford to give free copies of the book to everyone who participates.

    Submissions should be two pages or less. Longer submissions will be considered, particularly from people involved in the preservation of indigenous cultures and our planet. Photographs of the author are welcome. Jpeg images and word documents sent via email are preferred; we will accept typed and written submissions as well. We will make every effort to return photographs or stories that are sent through the mail, although we cannot guarantee their return.

    For the powwow program, we generally alter photographs into black and white line drawings. If we publish a book, we will have the option of using color or black and white images. Sending an image or written submission implies your consent that Redbird uses the image or written submission.

    Submissions may be edited for grammar, spelling and length only. It is our intention to represent the Native American community with its own voice and through its own people. Any editing will be for the purpose of improving the clarity of the submission, and not to alter its ideas or content.

    This is an open call for submissions. We are not putting any restrictions on who may respond. We would like to hear from members of the Native American community across the western hemisphere. If you have a tribal affiliation, please state it. If you are of multi-ethnic heritage, don’t be afraid to say so. If you wish for people to be able to contact you, please include public contact information.

    If you are doing something about the future of the planet and indigenous people, please, tell us about it. What do you envision for the generations to come? What struggles and triumphs do you foresee? How will we keep our cultures alive? What is your role in doing so?

    We would very much like to hear from leaders, decision makers, and tribal council persons. We would love to hear from children and elders. We are equally interested in the thoughts and visions of the rest of the community.

    Climate specialists, biologists and others working in the earth sciences are also welcome to contribute. We would like to create a work that offers inspiration and encourages responsible activism to a wide audience. While Redbird is a Native American and environmental organization, our readership will be people from all ethnic backgrounds and all walks of life.

    Deadline for submissions is June 1, 2008. Please consider responding before the deadline, so we will have time to read and review all submissions, and design a powwow program that is both attractive and informative.

    (In order to receive a copy of the powwow program, please include your mailing address with your submission. We will notify you after June 1 if your submission is used in the program, or in a book format. Last year we were able to use all but two submissions on the topic “Why We Sing, Why We Dance”. As long as your submission is relevant to the topic, and suitable for a general audience, including youth, your chances of inclusion are good.)

    Where to Send Submissions

    By Email: [email protected] (for email submissions, word documents and jpeg images)

    By Mail: Redbird, P.O. Box 702, Simi Valley, CA 93062

    What is Redbird?

    Redbird is a 501(c)(3) non profit association based in southern California. We are focused on Native American cultural awareness and environmental activism, as well as meeting the needs of disadvantaged families and individuals. The Children of Many Colors Powwow is our signature event. We welcome you to visit our website at - RedBirds Vision - to learn more about our mission, our history, and our vision for the future.

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