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  • My Wild Love

    My wild love went ridin'
    She rode all the day
    She wrote to the devil
    And asked him to pay
    The devil was wiser
    It's time to repent
    He asked her to give back
    The money she spent

    My wild love went ridin'
    She rode to the sea
    She gathered together
    Some shells for her head
    She rode and she rode on
    She rode for a while
    Then stopped for an evenin'
    And lay her head down

    She rode on to Christmas
    She rode to the farm
    She rode to Japan
    And we entered a town
    By this time the river
    Had changed one degree
    She asked for the people
    To let her go free

    My wild love is crazy
    She screams like a bird
    She moans like a cat
    When she wants to be heard
    My wild love went ridin'
    She rode for an hour
    She rode and she rested
    And then she rode on
    Ride, c'mon

    Lyrics By: Jim Morrison

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