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Independence Day for Native Americans

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  • Independence Day for Native Americans

    Hi YUP,
    This arrived in my inbox this morning. I forwarded you my response to
    Roxanne in a separate email, but in case you didn't receive it, here it is.
    She would like reprint permission for your article.Independence Day for the
    Native Americans
    Hi Roxanne,
    Robin granted you reprint permission but would like you to post the corrected version.
    Independence Day for Native Americans
    By Robin Carneen & friends~
    When the lands are given back to us, and we don't have to do fund raisers or
    Occupations to get them back;
    When the buffalo are not hazed and killed by government agencies;
    When rocks are not sold as souvenirs on Alcatraz;
    When Indian names and images are not used as Sports mascots or for
    Commercial selling of products;
    When we can have equal time in our classrooms across the United States to
    Learn and speak our languages so they are not lost forever;
    When we have funding in our schools so our children can learn;
    When all tribes can be "recognized”;
    When we can keep our casino monies and take care of our own;
    When we all have health care, card carrying or not;
    When we can have statues that also commemorate our own people;
    When we can change historical markers to reflect the truth and not glamorize
    The murders;
    When we can see curriculum in our school books and classrooms that are not
    Romanticized or glossed over when it comes to what really happened in and
    Around Indian Country;
    When we don't have to ask permission to hunt and gather for sustenance,
    Ceremony, or for medicinal reasons;
    When all Sacred Sites are in place (and protected);
    When our ancestors remains or artifacts are uncovered, the corporation or
    Construction companies, JUST STOP and find a different place to build;
    When DJ's of commercial radio stations stop putting Indian people down;
    When we can get our Indian Trust $$$ back out of the US Government's hands;
    When we can get adequate and efficient housing for all Reservations &
    Rancherias & there is no waiting list;
    When we can get more of a variety of commodity foods and some fresh eggs, milk, etc;When we can all have enough land given back to grow our own foods;
    When our reservations are no longer used as toxic and nuclear waste dumps;
    When the US Government apologizes and is held to answer for the atrocities
    And genocidal acts it did against countless Native American people;
    When our President makes a visit to each Rez and realizes what the USA has
    Re-created in Afghanistan, Iraq and countries to come;
    When our ceremonies are not sold by those who disrespect the pipe, the sweat
    Lodge, the Sundance and the things that help us heal;
    When we can get roads, power, phones, and computers to the Reservations &
    Rancherias that are without these things;
    When we have a gym, clinic, wellness center, etc on each and every
    When we have our own radio station on each Rez;
    When we have more kids graduate from High school and college;
    When we have adults returning back to school and getting their GED;
    When we have less or no Indians in Prison and jail or political prisoners
    Like Leonard Peltier;
    When we have more rehab, preferably traditional and native way facilities ;
    When we have more prevention programs and activities on the Rez's;
    When poverty dissipates and children and adults do not have to go hungry;
    When women are not referred to by the name "Squaw" and men "Chief" ;
    When Winona La Duke sits as President in the White House
    © Robin Carneen
    Robin wishes to thank all who helped her with this list.
    posted to Inspiration Native Village Home Page (revised 7-4-09)
    On Sat, Jul 4, 2009 at 3:59 AM, <[email protected]> wrote:

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    What is so different about the 8th of July this year?

    At five minutes and six seconds after 4 am on the
    8th of July this year, the time and date will be 04:05:06 07/08/09.
    This will never happen again in our lifetime


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