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    You think your superior
    civilized man; look what
    you've done to these
    precious lands.

    We are not but a flea
    on our mother's back.

    How much more
    before she cracks.

    Hear her call us one
    and all, for if not
    we all will fall.

    You've taken advantage
    of these precious lands
    what is to come, is
    now at hand.

    © 1995 Running Elk Woman

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    true, touching and truly makes one stop and think.


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      These poems, were given to me by the Spirit world in 1995. Times is running out for all that are not ready for the changes it is here now! Thank you for your reply Running Elk Woman


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        I love this poem. It's really true to its native american roots. Only native americans have respect to the environment.


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