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    On my mother's/Japanese side. She was so pathetically aristocratic she said Okinawans were "not real Japanese." It took me a bit of investigation to realize that this was not a pure myth according to my crazy, oft' time lying mom (my mom lied a lot about what what my Grandma said, and Okinawa was technically a part of Japan my Grandma supposedly dismissed (again my Mom said Grandma was prejudice against Okinawa, I did not know if my grandma was so prejudiced), and several Japanese people I questioned never doubted this. The distinction between Okinawa and Japan, was mainly deep aristocracy ) I realized later, by chance, by watching a documentary on Rabbit Island what my Gandma said had some truth, it was that my Grand-Mother said that. Okinawa, was the place Chinese, Koreans and Filipinos came to do trade with Japan, so obviously, on racist standards, bloodline would be questioned. I learned of this through a documentary on "Rabbit Island" of Japan, which looks at a small island near Okinawa, and explained. In other words I learned by chance. The series was about an island where thousands of rabbits exist more or less tame, and people go to trade or relax. By chance, Okinawa is near this, and serves as the trade area from multiple Asian nations into Japan. So, according to Grandma "You can never really know where an Okinawan comes from. " Yet everyone dismissed my gradma's claims as pure idiocy, since Okinawa, on maps, is purely part of Japan.

    Well, my ancestors were so ignorant and prejudice, that when my great-grandfather sold the entire Noble House, that had been in the family, according to myth for 3,000 years, she disowned him and moved here. Now apparently, my Japanese family is rich. I am not rich, but I survive with more then enough food and shelter, which puts me above at least 95% of other people in the world, some smarter then Albert Einstein, starving to death, or dying of a combination of dehydration and disease. Yes am I mad at my grandmother's actions? Yes. I try calling the Japanese side of my family, and I am disowned - they are silent on me. They silently accuse me of wanting their money because they are rich, and I am a member of the proletariat. A mixed race proletariat - and mixed race, to most - means no race at all. A person who belongs nowhere essentially.

    One of my aunts, at the end of World War 2, when Americans came to rebuild, supposedly ran into the house screaming. She claimed to have "Seen a Monster." -- "A Black Man." My Great Grandfather told her to "Shut up!" because "There is no such thing." Very Japanese Zen-Practical (from what I can tell, family more Buddhist then Shinto, though I individually find Shinto more beautiful. )

    I guess I am part Native, if you count Mesoamerican. Both my grandmother's and grandfather's lineage on father's side are native meso-american. But, of course, a lot of spainish raiders and conquerors as well. Warlike ones. My Spainish-Native dad does not trust the Japanese, he says "They are very prejudiced" based on my grandmother. She would always serve him last, and make a scene of it. I guess, for "honor".

    My Grandmother was a very, very hard worker. She slaved away at a microchip factory and died of lung-disease. None of the money went to her grand-kids because the will had apparently been "lost". She placed it in the hands of her husband i.e. my step-grandfather. It was signed over on the death bead to one of his house-keepers. She died at fifty(? not sure) years from a brutal lung disease, and she killed herself rather than be a burden. The way my Grandmother died, was she apparently pulled out her own life support tubes in front of multiple people, and her face turned very red.

    She also disowned our entire Japanese family for selling the old house on a basis of honor. That has me angry because I'd rather have a lot of money then be poor.

    Anyways she was always very nice to me. One time, I did not like the BBQ Chicken (not surprising, as most of it was under-cooked). I was around 6-7 years old, and the dogs were crying, and I was not used to crying dogs. So I snuck them the chicken. My Step-Grandpa complained (military man, but logistics) "He did not eat the chicken. I saw him, blah, blah, and now he wants cupcakes."

    My Japanese Grandmother, was held on her dad's lap during Geisha parties, where no family members outside of alpha males were ever kept at all. She responded, "Shut up! Who cares - your chicken kind of sucks!"

    She was always kind to me - served me rice with flakes, set aside money, poisoning her lungs, for us.

    She said once, during the end of World War 2, one of her sisters had gotten sick. Her dad piggie backed her from the remaining estate, to the doctor, over four nights, walking. Her sister had tape worms, some six feet long, that people had to assist in pulling out, due to Allied bombardment.

    Native people have been through much worse, I suppose. And some in the third world worse then them. Some in the third world live in villages, where they are forbidden to walk in the day, in case a drone strikes.

    In any case, my Grandmother always said for me to look out for myself and avoid trouble. She is very wise. What do you think of looking out for yourself and avoiding trouble, as Grandmother Says, vs. taking risks, to help defend society as a whole?

    I myself think of a "balance" but that could be mere knee-jerk reaction, or needs to be specified to be meaningful. What are Native Voices on this?

    P.S. When she served my dad last, he says, even now, he did not argue with my grandmother cause "She did not understand English."--...-- I had a good laugh at that. My mom, her second child, was 20 years old when they married and my mom was born a US citizen. She was just being racist - I think. Oh how she thought the Bible was "stupid stories."
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    There are always times when we are each weak:

    Just call on me brother, if you need a hand. White Supremacists went by the "one-drop rule". That meant even if one ancestor was black, or jewish or whatever - it meant they were one of them. Out of Africa Theory, proven fact, ruins that utterly. They have lost so bad, I almost feel bad for them. Almost.

    Okay, maybe we need some pure battle music:

    And even our strongest, warrior brothers go down to protect our idiot lives; =(

    Oh yes, maybe for the US, what goes around, comes around:

    America, punched through its hall of arrogant mirrors!
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