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  • Pow Wow Poem

    Posted by CherTribe

    I recently attended a Pow Wow in Louisville, KY,
    as I watched the dancers
    the following poem began to form in my mind.
    I was inspired by three women dancers.
    The first was a jingle dress dancer
    who I only saw one time,
    she was probably in her mid-teens,
    what struck me was the intensity of her dancing,
    she only moved about twenty feet
    but that was the most intense twenty feet I had seen,
    she showed me that it is not the length of the journey
    but how it is traveled that counts.

    The second women was a young mother
    who was there with her three young children,
    when she danced she was so focused on her dancing
    that she became oblivious to everything and everyone
    around her, and as I later found out
    oblivious also to the physical pain that she was in
    because of an old injury.

    The third is a women I have known
    for several years, she too has a physical condition
    that gives her much pain, but still she dances,
    to the Circle she brings dignity and courage,
    for she has discovered that it doesn’t matter
    how many times you fall down,
    what matters is how many times you get up!!
    It is to them, and all Native American women,
    that I humbly dedicate "The Dance of The Warrior
    Marty Soaring Eagle
    ************************************************** ***********
    The Dance of the Warrior Woman

    She dances with passion and grace
    As the sunlight glistens on her face.
    Oblivious to all around her
    She dances to the heartbeat of the Drum.
    She dances for those who have gone before
    And for those yet to come.

    She dances as the singers sing an ancient tune,
    She dances to honor Mother Earth,
    Brother Sun and Sister Moon,
    She dances for all creation both large and small
    But it is for her children
    She dances most of all.

    She dances so that they might know,
    So that they might see and learn,
    So on she dances on nimble feet
    Growing stronger with each turn.

    Around and around the Circle she dances,
    Her red shawl swirling in the wind,
    The dance of the Warrior Woman,
    Just like the Circle,
    Has no beginning and no end.

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