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  • Alone on a Mountain

    Alone on a mountain

    standing on rocks old as time;

    A glorious new Moon's eve

    bathes me in perpetual love;

    My thoughts wander and stray

    in-between the worlds;

    The whistle of jungle birds and the

    chirp of frogs, fills my senses with

    images dancing to a silent beat of drums

    and flutes;

    My amazement at the harmonious beat

    of life is encompassing my whole body;

    A cool breeze blows down from clear,


    Rustling my hair and jangling my earrings,

    wrapping my soul in the fire of peace

    The valley floor is alight with firefly

    brilliance and the humming of restless souls;

    The terraced fields of maize and beans sing

    in joy, at the love of human touch and affection;

    A ceremony is about to begin, a new life

    for a young initiate;

    The aspiration to a position and caste of

    respect and reverence

    Rising from boyhood to manhood, not

    looking back

    The trail of medicine is a difficult and

    dangerous path;

    But the rewards are as a serpent,

    swallowing its own tail;

    A bright star twinkles,

    and winks its approval to my decision;

    I feel the pulse of the world echoing

    through my body and soul

    A raven calls to its mate on the wing,

    and he answers in love and respect

    Perched above me is an Eagle;

    Below Jaguar rests fitfully-purring

    and content;

    My allies keep me safe at these hights,

    so that no evil may befall me on my


    A thought strays to you

    in thanks, and remembrance

    For your faith, trust and patience

    This path I walk is long and difficult

    It has led me here

    I am alone on a mountain....

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