My man is gone
He left me all alone.

Not like the times he would leave for a few days,
and come home broke and busted.
No, This time he's gone.

I'm sitting on the couch, listening for his truck,
waiting for him to come in and yell at me again.
But, the gravel road is quiet.

That bed that we shared, not together, but
by turns, day and night, is stripped bare.
I'll haul it out to the fire later.

I'll watch some TV later, when I can find the remote,
I'm not sure we he hid it last time he was here.
The news wont say nothing bout him anyway.

Theres lots of food left, and more dishes to do than ever,
why can't they take their tupperware home now.
I can't eat anything anyway.

That damn man took to much away from me, my whole life.
He took my pretty face and swelled it up.
He took my shame and wrapped me up tight in it.
He took my strength and used it against me.
He took my pride and wiped his *** with it.
He took my money and bought his booze and his whores.
He took my escape and lit fires with them.
He took my safety and shook it off it's foundation.

He took my appetite, and the ****er took my remote.