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    Some where between the emotion of it
    and the moment of writing, there is a sense
    of being born again to the dream world,
    without body or limitation, without fear.
    I go there to discover how it is with me
    Process this feeling into a communiqué…

    I want my words to touch inside your deepness,
    your reserve. It heals me to know
    such things are possible, and I am not alone in
    the after thought of civilization, speaking only to ghosts
    Who is the barbed wire demon keeping us separate
    from our community? I wrap me in the long familiar
    need of this…the wailing and longing to see
    remains the same… peaceful is the human race.

    Listen inside to the ones who remember
    Come, see through my heart into a distant vision.
    How could so many who need to return there,
    linger close to the edge of the nothingness,
    the disease and addiction of progress?
    It is not the reason or the answer to our constant hunger?

    Like paper-covered angels lined up against
    the forces of warring spirits, we create one heart,
    in our innocent truth and wonder…it is our passion
    for life that gives each cell the mastery to become spirit,
    and once again survive a long and pithy waiting
    Do you know me? If you were to look into
    the deepest part of your fear and pain,
    do you know a part of me will be there,
    waiting to comfort you? We are inside and
    outside of it all, intertwined like the ancient roots
    along with all that has ever existed...

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    thats really nice...did you write it?


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      Thank you for your kindness

      Yes, I did write it and have about 200 more...

      I like the idea of having their shoes...LOL that's really funny


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        Your poem reminds me more of stream of conciousness or prose than a poem per se`.

        Nice visuals. Pretty good overall.


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          I tried to meditate
          after the need for
          cleansing subsided.

          Peanuts for booboo
          as I sat cross-legged
          in the doorway
          but all I could think
          of was when I saw the
          sadness in your eyes.
 our eyes.

          I thought about
          the empty...
          how it came just
          after the anger
          sinking it's teeth
          firmly into my heart,
          letting in
          and out,
          all those terrible fears..

          voices of the reinforcer
          flood my hearing
          blow me around the room
          like a feather in a hurricane...
          demanding complete control.
          Some ran to you then,
          in the ethers...we enveloped you
          with wings and tenderness.

          we comforted you the best we could...
          I must have looked back
          momentarily forgetting joy
          is found
          in the other direction.


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            Wow, your work is exceptional. Your way with words is like music.


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              Originally posted by trob226 View Post
              Wow, your work is exceptional. Your way with words is like music.
              Thank you ...It is a gift that comes through me...I do not own it, but I am always happy when someone is touched by it...


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                Share my gum, sister mine

                Share my gum, sister mine

                If we were ten…I would share my gum with you
                And skip and laugh out loud and braid your hair
                Sister of my heart and soul, How did we match so deep?

                My past has grown around you and your goodness has
                Seeped into all the crevasses of my memory…
                Meriting entry into those places of trust few have been.

                I don’t know how I will miss you…leaving is to fresh to feel
                There’s still the warmth of your arms and the tiny tears
                We were not going to shed…like sucking back a runny nose.

                I’m numb with the emptiness that has not yet begun,
                Feeling clumsy about my love and desire to be near you.

                The candle I light for you will continue to burn brilliantly
                The stars (though they belong to everyone) will be a special part of us
                Connecting you and I from here and there.
                Oh, how dear you are…and will remain…
                I will always praise you
                And think of you when I am with God.
                I’ll miss your presence, but even more I will miss the sweetness of your spirit,
                the one you share without restraint
                And your natural grace…and your peaceful gentle face, oh yes, your face.

                Carry me in your heart…know you can count on me,
                no matter what...I will always hear what you say and understand
                If you need me I will be your comfort
                or your silliest of friends,
                But never forget… you’ve won my loyalty,
                love and devotion,
                Sister in my heart, my soul….


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                  Inner Loom

                  Inner Loom

                  The cry is surely primal on the weft

                  But the weave is discriminating by nature

                  Somewhat absolved by the absence of malice

                  It is guardianship of the many creating oneness.

                  Her skin, my mind, my hand

                  What fragments of me are to prevail?

                  Who is wanting; who denies the need to want?

                  In dreams of plainness there is brief disclosure

                  There is no understanding of it

                  Just the enduring novelty of it all

                  Encased in the protection of innocence

                  To stay the scorching reality of others.

                  It is a simple circumstance, this living

                  The changing is immediate and undeviating

                  Like sand shifting on the shore of our existence.

                  We are so miniscule in universal concept!

                  Scream in utter delight at you

                  The mastery of thought, of creation

                  We wonder at our unique concepts of what is

                  And live with the consequence of resolve.


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                    What have I done…to let my feelings known?
                    To wish and want and long for…
                    You need so much of what I have
                    I know your hollow parts,
                    What you long for, your emptiness that screams.

                    I see we find comfort in each other.
                    We soothe that inside one another
                    That which others do not like to see…
                    We’ve had the same loss
                    The loss of family
                    Of continuity…. Of the oneness that we each believed in.
                    It was not the truth and that’s why we still suffer so.

                    I cry for you as you cry
                    And for me
                    And for the children who survive this plague on emotions
                    By all the rules given…
                    The sickness of users and takers
                    Those who believe they are more, more than us
                    Who is that, that could be more than us…
                    We are equal. You are equal and complimentary.
                    Sometimes you’re the reason I dream and long…

                    You fill me with desire
                    I want to comfort you
                    And soothe the aching and sorrow
                    Comfort you
                    Love you
                    Soothe you
                    Be close, in whatever way I can.
                    This kind of loving is extraordinary…
                    But in time…we will not remember
                    And we will not forget.


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                      The Bond

                      The Bond

                      Hearts arriving through a haze of
                      hesitation to dream…to be filled
                      with raw delight…I dance to the music
                      of your invitation!

                      You entice through wizardry
                      and whispers, weaving thread
                      unseen by the naked eye
                      Around…and through our embraces
                      over our freshly kissed mouth
                      flowing in all directions to the ethers.

                      Your hands overflowing with
                      an ardent bounty
                      of thoughtful and noble intent
                      Lay me down in the deep
                      velvet of sensuality
                      Create a fissure in the layers of disbelief,
                      embrace virtue and integrity.

                      Look into my eyes…
                      The vision is communal
                      The bond…already established


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                        Wahishta, you really do have a gift. I like them all.


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                          she watched him in the distant
                          mist dancing between them
                          as the crashing waves kept time..

                          the sun,tired of all day duty,
                          enticed the pinks of night-sky early
                          to begin the performance
                          once again..

                          Beachwalkers in their passing
                          smiled unsure,
                          if you saw them you witnessed
                          their spirits unite in a moment
                          of exaltation.....
                          eyes flashing
                          there in the tissue paper
                          layer of life we call
                          dreams and desire.


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                            Blind upon the edge

                            Blind upon the edge

                            Observe creations mystified
                            that come from hands
                            long since denied
                            this heart and mind rebel, again
                            conform not I, not now
                            not then...

                            To write sweet thoughts
                            my true desire
                            and mold each page as visions flow
                            from memories you do not know
                            from love, from rage
                            the pen I hold, and now engage

                            Muddied by the rain soaked ground
                            with shattered trust in pieces lay
                            I’ve saved it in a sacred place
                            fortified with new resound
                            I hold on to a slippery ledge
                            stand silent, blindly on the edge


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                              Breaking the Chains

                              Breaking the Chains

                              we write because the truth is there
                              yearning to be heard
                              through years of silent pain we reach
                              to others through these words

                              the fear still comes, then vanishes
                              compelling our relief
                              each step is firmly planted deep
                              to comfort others in their grief

                              new knowledge brings a peace to us
                              uniting us all at last
                              to give us strength to carry on
                              to crush the painful past

                              the chains were many, strongly held
                              a prison round us falls
                              a new found freedom from the pain
                              embrace us one and all

                              don’t give in or up to it
                              illusions make it strong
                              unite in strength to conquer fear
                              accept that we belong


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