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    Favorite Things

    Favorite Things

    Hot tea with cream
    an early morning dream
    to laugh until I scream
    these are things I love

    Kittens with velvet paws
    that never bear their claws
    Lion in Wizard of Oz
    these are things I love

    Feeling soft and quiet
    not being on a diet
    not having to deny it
    these are things I love

    My favorite lavender scent
    saying what I meant
    being happy and content
    these are things I love


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      she’s a frail, baby-bird like creature
      who lives somewhere between yesterday
      and realities I do not understand..

      She speaks, with a far away look
      of things I understand but
      have no words for...

      It will be hard for them to let her go....

      She suffers, but tries to cover her pain
      with the twisting of her hankie
      and a plethora of memories
      woven into a design that’s neither true
      nor untrue....

      Her era, long since past,
      was one where passion was kept
      well hidden and no one
      looked past polite metaphors or
      deeply into another’s eyes
      except in private...

      She is the link to life and death for her children..

      Like the salmon
      who has returned and spawn
      now broken, tired and complete,
      she waits among the clouds and violets
      for a new day and a new form
      to continue her journey....


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        I close my eyes

        I Close My Eyes

        Close my eyes to hear the sounds
        of rain upon my window sill
        moonlight nights and foggy dawn
        where the ocean meets the hills

        flowers bloom upon those hills
        spring and summer grasses grow
        I close my eyes and see them there
        all warmed by summers loving glow

        children laughing on the beach
        playing in the sand and sea
        I close my eyes and see me there
        and feel the warmth embracing me

        memories of times gone by
        I close my eyes and smile within
        these things will always comfort me
        and give me faith again, again


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          New Love

          New Love

          peaceful brook with boulders singing
          trickle slowly cool and tingling
          lay upon this sun warmed moss
          we’ll share the moment never lost

          anxious for that which I see
          hidden deep inside you and me
          as we clear away past shards of pain
          and begin to trust in love again

          warm green eyes I fearless see
          you’ve survived quite well, though painfully
          and built a mighty fortress strong
          it could crumble with love’s sweet song

          I have no fear to believe again
          with all the tools I’ve learned since then
          and with the faith as I become
          I’m willing to chance your the one


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            In a house filled with depression
            behind a wall of shame and fear
            We lived beneath a shroud of sadness
            in resolve no one could hear....

            Cry out! from the emptiness and doom
            from condemnation most extreme
            the symptoms reaching far inside
            they even manifest in dream....

            Some want to punish us for weakness
            condemn us for what they perceive
            to be just our own self pity
            it's the stigma they believe...

            We are in the grip of suffering
            unrelenting in it's hold
            we beg you for compassion
            to watch a miracle unfold....

            Melancholic child of wonder
            seniors that have lost their way
            fear filled people without vision
            there is hope for all today...


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              The Old Woman

              The Old Woman

              I feigned the loves

              that came my way

              and longed for those

              I could not hold

              believed the lies

              from hollow hearts

              as I look back...

              as I grow old...

              There were a few

              I truly loved

              who made the fires

              inside me burn


              I’ve known it’s hold

              we ran,

              we had a lot to learn...

              Today is slow,

              each day begins

              just as the last

              in solitude

              and all the loves

              that I’ve been in

              live in my heart

              with gratitude...


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                These are called Flash Poetry....

                Her hands go back and forth in the air
                Gracefully talking more than the words.

                I sat in the back of the restaurant eating my hot fudge sundae
                That has taken your place as my lover.

                Tears, warmer than skin
                Are the ocean, recycled.
                Nothing is wasted.

                I Cried For You
                Being honored doesn’t always
                Come with a parade.

                Your Gone
                I wept for all the times
                You weren’t able to.
                Someone had to shed your tears.

                The Last Grasp
                Take your hand of my heart
                Your grasping at straw.

                Kaleidoscopes filled with broken glass
                To entertain me in my hour of need.

                I learn about my power
                To let the victim go.


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                  Very nice word pictures, every one of them. I especially like the sundae that takes the lover's place. How real is that! Haiku would be a good form for you - have you ever tried it?


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                    Originally posted by trob226 View Post
                    Very nice word pictures, every one of them. I especially like the sundae that takes the lover's place. How real is that! Haiku would be a good form for you - have you ever tried it?
                    The sundae actually happened...I did it and it's my fav too. I have tried Haiku, but all that counting LOL...
                    I love poetry/prose...and use to tear the front and back pages out of all my mother's books. I thought (when I was 4) it was there for me...wrong...
                    Thank you for your kindness...


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