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Poisoned with Emotions

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  • Ndn8tive
    sorry about the very late reply (Whitewave and Migiziwoman)your comments are always appreciated.
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  • Migiziwomen
    that was visualy painful, and rang way to close to my soul. I almost could not continue to read it. thank you for sharring.

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  • whitewave
    wow...gave me goosebumps...that means its a winner!

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  • Ndn8tive
    started a topic Poisoned with Emotions

    Poisoned with Emotions

    As tears of mixed emotions and broken dreams
    Stream down the side of your face
    Betrayed by the promises of a forever love
    Waves of emotions overwhelm your body

    The tightness of your throat is getting raw
    As you try hard to swallow
    But the huge lump in your throat
    Is keeping the deep emotional sickness at bay

    Gut wrenching pains of betrayal
    Ripping at your crushed devastated heart
    As the depths of anguish and confusion
    Consumes and overwhelms your thoughts

    You Struggle to hold back the painful memories
    You feel it are slowly killing you inside
    Your mind keeps screaming …”why why why”
    As each labored breath you breathe is now…
    “Poisoned with Emotions”

    As the anguish rips at your very soul
    Viciously sucking your every breath away
    Your thoughts beckon you to get up
    Run hard, run fast and run so far enough away
    That the pain can never find you

    As the tears of now empty memories
    Fall on to your pillow and fade away
    Slowly quietly and silently it subsides
    As you drift off till there is only sleep…
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