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For Kevin R.I.P.

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  • N8ivePrincess07
    Thank you for commenting :)...I dance even harder, faster, and with my heart for him b/c I know he's watching!

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  • Migiziwomen
    that was beautiful. really, thank you for sharring your cousin/brother with us. now you can dance for him.

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  • N8ivePrincess07
    started a topic For Kevin R.I.P.

    For Kevin R.I.P.

    Your face is like an angel coming to talk to me in my dreams
    I can still remember how inseperable we were
    Everyday another new adventure
    As we walked along the road side by side

    The scent of you still lingers in my nose
    Your hands still wipe my tears from my face telling me to be strong
    The sound of your laughing still in your room
    but only for awhile

    I remember those days like it was just an hour ago
    the days seemed to never end
    but now the color of darkness covers the sky

    As I walk along the cold road alone
    nothing but your picture
    and tissue for my tears
    As I watched your beautiful casket being lowered into the ground
    It plays over and over
    until I fall to my knees

    On this day you left me
    along with my strength
    As I sit here trying to find a meaning
    a meaning and reason to stay
    but all I find are memories of why I should go

    So I will leave now with my broken heart to mend
    with only you by side so far away from me
    But yet closer to the gates of heaven
    To the place where you and me finally rest in peace

    To the end of an adventure in this life
    Only to find another one in the next life
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