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i think too much, then i get tired.

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  • i think too much, then i get tired.

    Our relationship with our Aboriginal territory is one of profound respect for the very thing that has shaped every person to become who they are today.
    At one time, people were created and put to live in certain areas.
    From the interaction with the environment around them,
    languages were created, customs were developed, and an appreciation for all the natural resources the earth provided
    became the mentality shared by all people.
    The earth and land my ancestors call Turtle Island is our aboriginal territory and it
    was entrusted to Native people to take care of the way it takes care of us.
    We were made from this land.
    We are 75% water, just like this earth.
    Our blood is salty like the ocean water.
    The river’s and streams are like veins, pumping life into our bodies.
    As people, we share a common bond and purpose
    for we are truly reflections of the awesome power that created each and every one of us.
    In a way, the world we live on is like its own supreme being
    as it journeys around the sun in a solar system
    that journeys through a galaxy that moves through a universe…etc.
    We, as humans, mirror that journey as we embark on our own path in life.
    Who are we to kill this being that has always given us everything we need?
    The way we as people are living today can’t be sustained for much longer.
    The imbalance and sheer chaos of our world and individual people
    is beginning to tear the land apart for all of the wrong reasons,
    money being the number one reason.
    Right now, the future leaders should be learning how not to live on this earth
    from watching their society make choices out of selfishness and greed.
    Collectively and imaginatively these children and future leaders will have to be in order to survive in the future.
    The problems in this world are as plentiful as the stars in the sky.
    The huge message about the land I want to give to the children of the future
    is that we are connected to the earth.
    The choice we must make is whether the connection is positive or negative.
    People are somewhere in between the smallest organism and the sky.
    Whichever direction we choose to sway will affect all of the things around us.
    We are like the balance point.
    If we are negative and choose to do things for the wrong reasons,
    we affect the lives of many beings for the worse.
    We’ve caused extinctions of species, loss of civilizations, atomic wars, holes in the ozone layer and oil spills.
    We’ve destroyed the earth many times before because we didn’t know how to appreciate the land and we’re heading in that direction again unless we change our ways.

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