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    While working 1600 feet’ down at an underground site
    Where samples I collected, while using my miners light
    Suddenly, I heard a slight distant rumbling sound
    And, I felt a slight tremble as I sat on the ground
    This is not good, I thought, I better not take any chances
    Shutting off the equipment, clipped on my belt and my pants
    Quickly grabbing my writing board, I hurried from this site
    Where the walls were already packed with dynamite
    I always remembered to hang up my Safety Tag
    A safety precaution to keep myself, out of a body bag
    I hurried very quickly to the nearest work ladder leading down
    Where 30 feet below was a much safer ground
    Who was igniting these charges, I did not know
    The dirt walls all pre-wired and ready to blow
    Very quickly, I descended the ladder 20 feet below
    When thunderous booms, I heard the dynamite blow
    A few seconds later, a very strong wind blew pass
    I was torn from the ladder, by the force of the blast
    I lay curled up at the bottom, on the dirt rocky ground
    As the dirt, dust and smoke continued coming down
    Covered head to toe with dirt, I could not see
    As an intense wave of fear suddenly came over me
    Slowly moving my body as I began to crawl
    Sitting gently against the cold dirt walls
    My head resting on my arms, tears filled my eyes
    I was in pain from the fall, but I was still alive
    Wiping dust off my face and drying my eyes
    While gathering my thoughts, another very close demise
    It was pitch black except for my dim lamplight, I could see
    Slowly pulling on the cord bringing it closer to me
    The 4th time, death has come close, so very near
    As I wonder why I continue working down here
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