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Underground Mine Shaft malfunction

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  • Underground Mine Shaft malfunction

    The cage suddenly jerked from side to side
    As the morning chatter quickly began to subside
    The elevator dropped suddenly with deep gasps of fear
    Screaming and yelling voices was all you could hear
    As ferocious winds rushed up against our face
    Miner’s lamps flashed wildly in this dark confined space
    Our bodies feeling so light, but how could this be
    Holding the steel rails tightly with nowhere to flee
    Our feet lightly touching the steel metal floor
    Dirt walls blurred rushing pass the steel metal doors
    Our hearts beating so fast and hard to catch our breaths
    As this sudden plummet downward, might be all our deaths
    The seconds ticked by slow, yet time seemed to fly
    Not a single miner in this cage had said a last good bye
    This dark, damp, cold shaft that is 2000 feet deep
    My thoughts were “This Time” my life it would keep
    As the fear of death, began to take hold
    The blood in my veins, seemed to get very cold
    My mind began racing as the fear inside me grew
    My Heart pounding louder than the cries of this crew
    I glanced around quickly and only terror I could see
    As I wondered how painful all our deaths will be
    As we fell hundreds of feet down deep into the ground
    Where our lifeless bodies might later be found
    At the bottom of the shaft the muddy water is deep
    A watery grave that our souls would forever keep
    I truly believed that today would be our end
    When suddenly, the Cage jerked hard to a slower descent
    My knees bent so hard, I let out a deep sigh of relief
    That our families will not suffer any sadness or grief
    Today once again death we did not chance to meet
    From an unimaginable dropped of several hundred feet
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    Two coworkers quit that day
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