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Chemical Dreams

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  • xTekno
    how about dreaming in liquid metal?

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  • soopashinaab

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  • Ndn8tive
    started a topic Chemical Dreams

    Chemical Dreams

    A Chemical Dream will for you portray
    What a Wonderful life you would have everyday
    This miraculous place you may believe exist
    Because your own life is in such a mess
    So you wrap your arms and clinch your fist
    For a chemical dream you cannot resist
    As the warmth of your blood flows thru your veins
    And euphoric feelings now affecting your brains
    Your consciousness begins to float so high
    As you drop the needle and begin to “Sigh”
    The fantastic existence of this faultless dream
    To those you know, you would love to scream
    As substance induced visions now fill your head
    You don’t give a damn if you’re alive or dead
    Your mind sees things that seem so real
    And the color of music you can actually feel
    As you come down from this liquid mix
    You will beg, steal or kill for another quick fix
    But this magnificent world that only you can see
    Does not come to you, with a guarantee
    Opening your eyes as you hear faint cries
    The begging and pleading “Please Don’t die”
    Your eyes slowly closes as you slip away
    Because this Chemical Dream did for you BETRAY
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